Jagriti Fashion organises conference for its distributors at Lansdowne

September 20, 2019 written by

Fun and entertainment at scenic Uttarakhand

Recently, Jagriti Fashion that brings out the popular innerwear brand X Lady, organised a conference for its distributors at Lansdowne, Uttarakhand, which was a grand success. The meet was held from 24th to 27th August and was enjoyed by all who participated. More than 20 distributors and sales team were a part of this meet along with the company Chairman, Mr Vikrant Mittal.

The event was like a target tour, where, those distributors, who had been given a traget and had met that, were taken to Lansdowne by the company. The trip was organised by Jagriti Fashion during Rakshabandhan. The company regularly organises such events where distributors come along with their families. And this was a memorable and fun experience for everyone. The distributors loved the location as well and some even stayed back there for a few days to spend more time with their families.

Jagriti Fashion organises conference for its distributors at Lansdowne - 4

Besides, X Lady also gave its distributors attractive return gifts and every day in the evening, there was a DJ party while during the day, the distributors were taken around for sightseeing. Also, the Mr Mittal announced a future scheme at the event and said that such an event would be be held in 2020 as well at another beautiful location. He further stated that they want maximum number of dealers to participate in this scheme along with their families.


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