Hayley Hasselhoff dons red hot lingerie for new campaign

September 10, 2018 written by
hayley hasselhoff in red hot lingerie

David Hasselhoff’s daughter, Hayley, recently showed off her curvy figure in a smokin’ hot lingerie for Curvy Kate, the lingerie brand for their campaign, #MyBodyVictory

. The 25-year-old model and actress has been promoting positive body image through her tales of body acceptance to inspire others in the brand’s new campaign. In this she sports lingerie flaunting her sexy curves while launching the new range.

Hayley Hasselhoff dons red hot lingerie for new campaign - 1

Hayley stated that she was always a fan of the brand and that she already lived in the Victory range bra. She further added that it was important for everyone to celebrate their bodies in such a way that lingerie needn’t be sexy yet it can be empowering. Hayley mentioned that she wanted people to be inspired by her path as she was an influencer and find their own journey this way but not embody what she does or think her path is theirs.


She said that what she does allows her to celebrate her body and if she doesn’t believe what she preaches, she shouldn’t do what she does. Besides, sharing her thoughts, Hayley also posed for some sexy pictures and really rocked the red hot lingerie loo in the Victory range.

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