How to rock comfortable loungewear as outerwear!

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Fleece Navidad!

In today’s world most of are super busy; especially those of us who have kids or pets or a job that needs us to travel most of the time. We all agree comfortable clothes are key! Made out of soft cotton and excellently cut and, some loungewear today is redefined in such as way that men can don it outside their home as well. The most important part is to know the occasion. You can’t be looking like a bum everywhere you go. Unless, you’re some sort of genius and own your own fortune 500 crore company. For the rest of us that’s a no can do.

Some events will require you to put in a bit of effort and look presentable. So don’t think that cosy wear can be your daily uniform. But on some occasions these outfits will benefit you when you spend most of the day at home, seated on a long flight, lounging by the beach, go to the gym, out on a coffee date or out running errands. Here, we share with you tips on how to wear loungewear essentials that are comfortable but stylish at the same time.


h and M sweatpants (courtesy h and m)

You will want to always look for a good pair of sweatpants. But you don’t want to wear sweatpants that look overly baggy and like pyjamas you wear to bed. Instead you will want to look for something that actually flatters your physique and is tailored to fit you well. These pants can be worn day and night. Take these Men Blue Solid Sweatpants Regular Fit from H&M. These regular fit sweatpants come with an elasticised drawstring waist in a relaxed style with a slightly lower crotch, pockets in the side seams and tapered legs with ribbed hems. Soft brushed inside. They fit perfect on the waist, good through the hips, and snug through the waist down. Not overly tight light joggers but not overly loose like pyjamas. Sweat pants are available in various colours and sizes to suit every occasion and fit.

Tank tops

The tank top is an essential piece of clothing to wear in the summers but is difficult to pull of tastefully on other occasions. Your tank top should not be too tight and not be too loose. It should sit on the torso just about right. Strategically snug around the chest but a little bit flowy on the bottom. Never tuck in a tank top and allow it to sit on the waist of your pant. A simple or printed tank top paired on denims, chinos or joggers paired with a blazer or jacket and sneakers can really look stylish for an errand to a dinner date.

Pyjama Shirt

pajama shirt (vouge)

We would never suggest leaving your house in pyjamas, but we will let you out on one little secret of how you can dress up a pyjama shirt and head out to even the most expensive restaurant. Yes, you heard us right.

Visualise the famous Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling, who’s been known to team pyjama shirt with chinos. A pipeline, plain or printed pyjama shirt can work wonders when worn with formal pants, denims, and chinos with the added touch of an accessory such as suspenders and a belt.



These have to be slim but not restrictive and also have functional points of interest with cuffs and hems that are tapered and a ribbed neckline. Opt for colours such as navy, grey or black for a minimalist style. Again, zips and pockets add active details that look cool and have a function.

Lounge T-shirts

jockey (courtesy jokcey)

Another item you should look into is a good comfortable t-shirt that you can wear on the daily as long as it fits right. Jockey has a variety of such t-shirts so get creative! If you have your solid base already like a good tailored sweatpants, or a pair of fitted joggers. It’s time to think outside the box and dress it up a bit by throwing on some fashionable sneakers, a t-shirt and denim jacket or you can throw on a hooded jacket which gives you the option of layering as ‘winter is coming’! A simple cotton t-shirt paired with distressed jeans or joggers can also make the entire outfit stand out. These lounge t-shirts pair with anything and are available in various colours and fits. Women find men in a fitted white T-shirt more attractive. The shape of your top accentuates the typically masculine silhouette of broad shoulders and narrow waist.

Crew necks/ V-necks

Crew necks are suitable for men with a small chest or sloped shoulders. They help in creating an illusion of broader shoulders, giving your body more proportion. V-necks create an illusion of length and height, elongating the neck; hence they are perfect for shorter gents. They provide balance to men with long necks and narrow faces.

Joggers at the gym!

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