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use of lingerie as an outerwear - surbhi kanur

‘Wear fabulous underwear even if you are the only person who is going to see it’.

But what if we tell you that you can wear your lingerie, specially a list of bras as outerwear and show it off too, without seeming outrageous? Interested much? There are several perks of doing so too. One, you become so Insta-worthy with your sense of style. Two, you needn’t go shopping to add more clothes to your wardrobe when are a pro at styling your underwear as outerwear. Let’s see some of the ways how you can achieve this.


The camisole top

We ladies are too creative to pass on the opportunity of adding the camisole to our wardrobe. This is the perfect example of how to style underwear as outerwear. You can pair a solid camisole with a floral maxi skirt and a scarf and you are ready to step out in a bohemian look. If you want to do away with a scarf, you can also wear a shrug over the camisole as is the trend these days. The camisole can also be worn as a top under a jacket, shirt or a long coat. For your Indian attire, you can wear a solid camisole like a long blouse, with an embellished saree.

The cage Bra

The cage bra

The designs on a cage bra are such that they can be worn as a part of your top wear. Wear them under a tank top or an off-shoulder top or dress and add some pizzazz to your looks. If you have a spaghetti style jumpsuit, a cage bra can accentuate your chic look. For a front cage bra, a button down shirt pairs well with it. For the more bold fashionistas out there, you can also style this bra as outerwear, with maybe throwing on a blazer over it.

The Bralette

The bralette

Talk of lingerie as outerwear and we have the bralette for your showcase.  More often than not, the bralette is seen worn like a blouse under the saree or as a top under a summer blazer. The lacy material of the bralette goes well with an embellished or even a solid saree. Lace never looks bad, does it? The bralette can be worn as a top with long straight high waist pants and you can add a scarf to add some color to your ensemble. The bralette, in fact, is the most versatile lingerie piece of them all. You can wear a halter neck bralette with denim shorts and complete the look with some casual shoes and a long waterfall shrug. And, did we say that a long line bralette looks amazing with a pencil skirt and some calf length boots?

Corset set

Corset top

You don’t need rocket science to know how to wear a corset as an outerwear. You just need to know how to accessorise your look well. The corset can be worn as an off-shoulder top with a long skirt or as an off-shoulder blouse under a saree. You can get creative and team it up with an embellished dupatta and work it off as the corset kurti for your lehenga. Last but not the least, a printed corset looks chic with a pair of rugged jeans and a white shirt.

The Skirt Slip

The skirt slip

Owning one of these with a lace border always helps you in changing the look of your plain skirt. Wearing a slip a little longer than your skirt will add a touch of beauty and transition your skirt to a whole new avatar. Peeking lace always looks pretty.



Wear these as a mini dress with knee length boots and a denim jacket or with an overcoat. You can even wear a bodysuit style babydoll with a pair of jeans.



What if we say that you can now even wear your underwear as an outerwear? Wear some lacy boyshorts or a double strap thong under low waist denim shorts for your beach party.

wearing the lingerie as outerwear you also

need to keep these three points in mind:

1.Mix and match the fabrics. Don’t wear lace on lace or a plain dupatta with a plain corset. If the lingerie is plain, go for a complementary clothing item in a design or with some embellishments.

2.Wearing lingerie as outerwear works best if you add some clothing layers your attire, like a blazer with a bralette or a scarf with a camisole.

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When Carry your look with confidence. It takes a sense of style and creativity to wear your underwear as outerwear.

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