Huntsman Corporation launches High IQ textile effects

September 27, 2019 written by
Huntsman Corporation launches High IQ textile effects

Consumers all around the world are adopting more active lifestyles and outdoor activities, which is fueling the need for comfortable sports and athleisure wear. To cater to this need, Huntsman Textile Effects has launched High IQ performance assurance programme that will help the garment manufacturers to deliver durable and long lasting performance garments.

High IQ Cool Comfort technology features accelerated evaporation that allows the garments to dry quickly and also keeps moisture away from the body. This technology, suitable for sports and active wear, allows the wearer to stay cool, dry and fresh post workout. High IQ Repel performance is developed to help garment manufacturers to meet the consumer demand for environment friendly garments with rain and stain protection.

High IQ Lasting White performance programme combines the company’s latest generation of Uvitex flourescent whitening agents to deliver very high and brilliant whites on cellulosic fibres. This will make the garments look newer for a long time.

High IQ lasting Color uses Novacron dyes which will neither fade nor colour stain the other garments washed together while High IQ Lasting Color eco-performance programme uses reactive dyes, which helps to reduce water and energy consumption by up to 50 per cent.

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