Hush Puppies by Bonjour promises to keep your feet safe and healthy

June 12, 2019 written by

A global brand and a household name, Hush Puppies has existed since 1958 and encourages a casual lifestyle, while also helping people adopt everyday comfort. Popular as a footwear, accessory and apparel brand, it delivers the right mix of timeless style coupled with quality and comfort. Recently, it tied up with Bonjour, the popular and largest manufacturer of socks in the country that is known for its versatality. Together, they have launched an eclectic range of socks for women.

The feet that walk a thousand miles need some extra TLC and Hush Puppies by Bonjour endeavours to do just that. Their new range of socks for women is made of premium cotton fabric with stretchable spandex to keep your going through the day.

Perfect for daily activities these secret length socks are great for workout sessions as well as they have more sweat absorbent properties. Priced at INR 169, you can choose from various colours such as Black, Navy, Light Grey, Light Pink, and Ivory.


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