Hyosung presented a cool range of sustainable fabrics at Intertextile Shanghai

November 11, 2019 written by
Hyosung presented a cool range of sustainable fabrics at Intertextile Shanghai

South Korean fibre giant, Hyosung recently presented its updated collection of Regen recycled nylon and polyester fibres at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics show held from 25th to 27th September.

This sustainable recycled fibre collection consisted of Creora, the eco-soft spandex that saves energy consumption and also enables stable production of four way stretch wovens, cooling fibres such as Mipan Regen Aqua X Nylon and Regen Askin polyester that provides a fresh touch to fashion and sportswear fabrics.

Other fabrics featured in the collection were Hyosung Cotna’s fibre, a natural touch polyester known for its excellent piling performance as well as good wicking and shape retention properties. Them there was also Regen Aerolight polyester that has benefits of both synthetic and natural fibres, which consists of a C-shaped cross section that helps in excellent moisture management providing a more natural and softer feel.

At the exhibition, Hyosung majorily focused on Creora Colour+, a spandex that delivers rich and vivid colours for nylon and provides the same standard quality to the face and back of the fabric as well as different power levels to all garment applications.

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