INTERFILIÈRE SHANGHAI – A real networking platform!

October 14, 2017 written by
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                         INTERFILIÈRE SHANGHAI

A real networking platform!

A unique meeting place between China, the leading textile manufacturer country , and all the international players of the industry.

An incubator for forward looking reflection , anticipating key market development driven by innovation and performance.



160 exhibitors

58 new exhibitors

68% exhibitors from China

32% international exhibitors

18 countries represented




This session you will be able to meet with our seamless, adhesive films, moulding, lamination and embossing specialists such as Bemis (USA) and its partners Fansl Clothing and New Source Automation Technology, DingZing Corp, Yetom Plastic products- one of our new exhibitors- or Tengfei and its SensElast 3D technology.

Not to be missed Seiren with their Viscomatic technology, printing technique allowing to create personalized pattern while linking two fabrics, ideal for Intimate/Shapewear and Activewear brands.

More and more complex embroidery for unique products, combining new support bases such as mesh spacer, nerve meshes used for Shapewear and sport bra, and placed prints as seen with Liberty Tex, using Schiffili machinaries and digital printing. A new and relevant comer this year on the fair: Daxin Embroidery ( China).



Knitters and weavers specializing in functional fabrics, free cut and shapewear, for swimwear, sportswear or fitness including Dejun ( China) , DTI International ( Korea), DJIC ( Taiwan) qui a un award, Golden Horizon (China), Wanjiali ( China), KBtex ( China), Fabtex enterprise (Taiwan) are ready to present you their collection.

New comer, Confoset ( China) will join Penn Textile (Germany), Showme (China) or Simplex knitting ( China ) with new natural and cotton blends.



On Interfilière Shanghai, exhibitors such as Gayou (China), Iluna(Spain), Lauma Fabrics ( Latvia), Penn textile( Germany), using the ROICA tm Eco-smart fibre from Asahi Kasei, will offer eco-friendly laces. Chanty(German) will present ultrafine bi-stretch and shapewear lace for the athleisure market. As Siva ( Italy) and Weber (Austria) will be presenting ultrafine seamless lace.

Eastman (Switzerland) will present for the first time in China, its cellulose fibre Naia, fibre that you can find in collection  of exhibitors such as Billion Union ( China), Sinotex ( China) with its famous velvet, Wanjiali (China), Lauma Fabrics ( Latvia).

Interfilière Shanghai is delighted to welcome HUAFON SPANDEX and its elastane fibre”Qianxi” Spandex yarn, used by Wanjiali (China) or Dejun (China).



Interfilière Shanghai is welcoming 25 OEM/ODM manufacturers for segment of the body fashion industry.




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