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United 9 a start up promoted by the management of Niksan Info Media Pvt. Ltd.- a company dedicated to the Intimate Apparel Industry for over two decades, through its verticals

Lace-n-Lingerie and Bodywear Bulletin – both pioneering monthly publications for the lingerie professionals.

Their revamped website is a leading destination for the Intimate Apparel Industry. The company is celebrated for having initiated the Designer Lingerie Awards for identifying young designers and giving them a platform to showcase their talents to the world.

They are also instrumental in creating a platform for the brands and accessories manufacturers on the one side to sell to each other as well as to the Distributor, Retailer and Wholesalers through the Bodywear series of Trade fairs. The Intimate Apparel market in India is growing at a fast pace and Niksan is at the forefront to channelize these efforts in creating a more cohesive market.


What is a B2B Trade Portal?

This is an online platform for buyers, sellers and businesses through which they communicate as well as conduct the operations of their business instantly. This market place has sophisticated features which cater to the requirements of buyers and sellers.

The major purpose of a B2B Trade Portal is to allow for business a secure and convenient trade platform by which can be conducted globally. Developing a website and sending mails are considered to be the most common ways of promoting businesses on the web, however getting registered with a B2B Trade Portal will expose you to endless possibilities within a certain business category. Moreover, those businesses which are operating under separate sectors of supply chain are now able to exchange products and services as well as information through this online portal.

Time doesn’t wait for anybody, nor does the technology, Niksan Info Media(United 9) is known to do things at the right moment, ever since it launched the first Intimate Fashion Magazine-

Lace-n-Lingerie, The first Trade fair on Intimate Apparel in South East Asia to the First Designer Lingerie Contest and Now to the first Lingerie Portal in the World. With the Digital Revolution sweeping the world, we are professing a new way the Intimate Apparel Trade will transact its business from now on. Growing your business and globalizing can be easy, no matter where you are located.

There are a growing number of large, successful and reputable online B2B marketplaces, where sellers can easily create their own homepage to showcase products and services online, locate and liaise with global buyers, reply to ‘buying leads’ and post ‘offers to sell’

Presenting INTIMO HUB – a portal that will change the way you buy and sell. You wish to buy raw materials for your creations, or want to source accessories, the next time you have excess stock of finished goods, or even extra stock of lace leftover with you. What do you do? Easy! Just Post your ad on our portal and in a jiffy it will reach out to millions of users worldwide having a requirement that matches yours. This portal will revolutionize the way you conduct your business, simply because it gives you access to information, it is able to assimilate a lot more data for you from all the nooks and corners of the world. Simply by accessing our website regularly will help you keep abreast of the changes that are happening in your field. It will also provide you with sales leads and let you know where the markets are opening up in which part of the world the demand is rising and how fast. Most important of all it tells you the trends that are prevalent worldwide.

Intimo Hub screen shot

All in all it is a One Stop Shop for all your B to B needs. Staying logged in will help you stay connected to the world.

Essential Elements of :

Our portal provides tools through which businesses can showcase their products and services in an effective manner.

Integrated with rich resources and comprises of members which are experts and have the ability to allow business operation properly, easily and without errors.

This marketplace is inhabited by business professionals who are experienced and have a deep understanding about the requirements of a business. They have the knowledge and can also provide intuitive solutions. The business services are vast and because of this you can implement new projects or expand your existing business with few problems.

Our content is reliable and informative.

Registration :

We want to make things easier for you and improve the marketing strategy to connect manufacturers with suppliers, and manufacturers with sellers. In order to transact any business or browse through the listing one has to register with Intimohub. All you go to do is follow these simple steps below:

Log into

Fill in your username, email, password, first name, last name. organisation, Address, Country, Zip Code, Phone.

Agree to the terms and conditions.

An email confirmation will be sent to your registered email address. Click on the link to finalise and confirm the registration.

Once your account has been registered you can start to add your listings in various packages that are available. Pay online via the payment gateway that let you pay in about 22 currencies from around the world.

A registration fee of Rs. 500 is payable for every new registrant.Through this he gets access to entire database of all the Lingerie Manufacturers, Accessories Manufactures and traders and Sellers viz : retailers, distributors and whole sellers. In the first phase the data is pertains to the Indian market gradually the data will include buyers, sellers and manufacturers and accessories manufacturers from across the world.

The left side menu bar holds a number of options which enables you to select the following- Post Leads, Choose Your Membership Plans, Reviews, Contact Requests. To grow your business and connect with millions of buyers and sellers and manufacturers select one of the packages that suit your requirement.

Intimo Hub screen shot_3

Reviewing the website :

Web design involves lots of planning and developer skills. The website template design has a custom header and menu bar which is kept clean and minimalist with three color options- white and pink being the main color scheme and an added touch of black. This theme feels modern and fresh. Great typography makes the content crisp and readable, plenty of updates and support, short codes, search engine optimization tools. The white space shows off its key elements. A fully responsive design with social media integration. The navigational point of the website is user friendly and easy. The website works at a quick pace. The design perfectly matches the inland template, allowing you to combine sites with both full-size versions and a mobile version giving you access through your PC, Laptop or mobile device.

The top menu bar of the website features key tabs such as Home, Manufacturers, Sellers, Accessories, Post Leads, News, Trade Fairs, Financial Reports, Vacancies and Contact Us.

The Manufacturers tab displays the company’s listings, and categories such as Ladies, Kids and Men for your preference. Sellers- Displays the companies listings, Retailers, Distributors and Wholesalers for your preference. Accessories- Purchase or sale of items & services such as Mannequins, OEM & ODM’s, Packaging, Shop Display and Fittings, Software Developers and ERP System, Bows and Ribbons , Elastics, Eye Hooks, Fabrics, Fibres (and sub tabs feature the manufacturer for accessories along with traders.)

Updated Daily, this will provide you with the latest news of the intimate apparel industry.

Trade Fairs– Fix your itinerary early with the trade fair you wish to visit. Once you have chosen the trade fair you would like to attend the page redirects you to their homepage giving you all the information you need on the event.

Financial Reports– This tab directs you to the brand you have selected and showcases it’s quarterly financial reports.

Vacancies- This feature helps connect clients looking for candidates to work with their organisation and vice versa a candidate can post his or her CV and avail of job opportunities posted on the online portal.

Intimohub is useful in reducing the cycle time involved in making products and services available to the Trade. They strive in developing communities of businesses, buyers and sellers. Building new partnerships, valuable feedback is received on time and essential information can be transmitted to members conveniently.

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