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There is no rulebook or guidelines that you need to observe in order to know a perfect time when you can ditch your good old bra into the bin! However, it is just not instincts that will tell you when you can say bye to your trustworthy lingerie. There is certainly more to it and your usage or the comfort factor associated with a piece is one of the vital signs that make you keep or ditch an item to a greater extent. What else? That’s the question, we wanted real women to answer for us. We threw the good old lingerie into their domain to know from them what suits them and how long they wish to wear that bra, before making it resign.

Known as @kisslifehelllo on Instagram, Sneha charms her followers with real thoughts, images and a lot of body positive mantra. She is always ready to share her life’s episodes in its real colour. Never hiding behind a false veil, she is one charmer. Her travels to her professional contributions to her recent painful surgery all finds a place on her Insta page. This girl surely knows how to keep it natural and real and that’s why she has the right insight for us too.  As for the life of a bra, it depends on three things – quality, use and care. For me, even with proper care and couple bras on rotation, the average lifespan of a bra is 9 or maximum 10-12 months. My bra will start to show signs that its expiration date has arrived. For example,

(a) The first thing I look for in a worn out bra is fraying, either on the bra cups or band. When fabric begins to fray around the edges, it means your bra has done its job.

(b) There are lumps or unevenness in the cups, this means you probably aren’t getting the support you need. There should be no gaps, bulges, or funny folding in your bra.

(c) When I find myself needing to go for the tightest hook as time goes, it indicates that the fabric is starting to stretch out and it’s time to replace it because eventually I feel that it’s too tight and it doesn’t lie smooth on my body anymore.

(d) If I find my bra straps keep slipping off during the day, or cannot be tightened because it’s stretched out due to overuse. It’s definitely a sign to change my bra because, let’s be honest, no woman wants to find themselves constantly adjusting the strap all day long.

After years of incessant travelling Ajmira decided to put together a blog of her own where one can read about her travels and fashion. Her travel escapades are straight from the heart and takes you into undiscovered alleys, wherein you can discover the real taste of a country or city you are visiting. She explores the unexplored alleys and unearths newer ways of travel. Before you decide to pack your bags, browsing through her passionate insights and stories of the sojourn are a must. While she travels to bring to the front different culinary experiences, she does not just leave it to that, she also inspires us to stay fashionable and that’s why she had a genuine opinion about throwing the bra into the bin, when its time. Pay attention to those straps – they will scream and you can hear them say “the bin needs me more than you!” Having a heavier chest than normal I am always looking for those signs because they need the best support possible. I never put my bras in the washing machine, always have them hand washed! Most of my bras are cotton and I have noticed they last longer than the lacy ones. Another sign is when the back of your bra is always hiking up instead of staying in place, that’s when you know they need to be dumped. Also when the cups lose their shape, whether it’s with the pads or not, you can totally see them lose the shape. That’s when you know it needs to hit the bin! The longest a bra of mine has lasted is two years but that’s the one which I wear once in a blue moon. Most bras lose their shape in less than 6 months for me!

Bachelors in Physics, Aindrila at present is pursuing her Masters of Science degree in Electronics. She is a practical shopper and takes her garments into serious consideration before investing in them. She is thoughtful about each piece and thus, was ready to tell us her experience with the bra. Moreover, she spends many of her waking hours in the lab or on road while commuting to college, so for her to stay comfortable in her skin is more important and that’s why she can’t afford that bra itch. Here’s her insight into the lifespan of a bra. After spending enough time and effort when you finally find the perfect bra for yourself, the concern about its longevity sets in. Their lifespan has always been a cause of worry especially because they do not come with expiry dates and depends mostly on the maintenance. Because of our hectic schedule we often tend to overlook the signs that our bra needs a replacement.

But if paid attention the signs are quite obvious. You know when to swap your bra for a new one when you cease to find the support and comfort it initially provided. Usually bras can last up to a year or more depending on how often they are used and taken care of. Underwire poking out and distorted cups are indications that it’s time for a change.

Moreover when the straps begin to lose their elasticity and strength your bra is in dire need of a replacement. Your favourite bra if used in rotation with a few others and washed gently has higher chances of lasting longer! You can actually make it stay with you for a little more time simply by taking good care of it as it does for you.

Neelakshi is an inspiration. She is comfortable with her body and that’s why her handle is christened as @plumptopretty. She is a professor and brand consultant too by profession, but shines on Instagram with her stories, bold shoots, and insights from her real life. She took her plus size to her credit and rolled up her sleeves to show the world that she is powerful. Ever ready to smile and rule every situation, she had quite a story to share with us regrading her tryst with the bra.  Unlike many teenagers and most of my friends, I started wearing the bra very late. While many of the women in my circle were flaunting the bra too soon into their teens, I got to try out my first bra when I was 15.

It was a very liberating feeling for me and I was happy to finally become ‘the woman’ per se. However, from the start finding a bra for me was a task and before I could really cherish the experience of womanhood, I was told that my size of bra is unavailable. Cut to the time when I finally started wearing bra on a regular basis, unfortunately I had to wear a bra and sleep too, just because we had male family members at home.

So, while growing through this bra as a necessity I finally got to cherish the freedom of not wearing a bra, when living in the hostel. That’s when I started to realise that bra is a liberating experience too. I firmly believe that good undergarments are the foundation to your good looks. So, it has got the right kind of aesthetics to make or break your style. Being comfy and confident in your bra is important and wear them until that hinge where you feel you can pull out your style with the bra you are wearing and shun them just the moment you feel it is becoming a burden. A good undergarment situation will always pull you up through your day with much élan.

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