Is your Lingerie the right fit?

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We all know the pleasure and confidence of having lovely and well-fitted undergarments but finding a custom bra-maker proves impossible in India for women with bigger bust sizes and travelling back and forth overseas or requesting visiting NRI friends & family members to bring them is rather an expensive affaire! There has to be another way, isn’t it? Getting fit for a bra is not only about discovering your correct size, it’s also about learning which styles and brands suit your body shape and seeing which will give you the best support and provide the most comfort.

Introducing Jayshree Gupta, Mumbai’s first and only expert Lingerie Consultant. Jayshree has been a Personal Grooming & Lingerie expert for close to a decade. Prior to starting her own Company Cazaro, she was working in the aviation industry. Academically, she is an IATA certified professional and a graduate from the erstwhile Ruparel College. Her Passion is to make Indian women look beautiful Inside out! Jayshree’s company Cazaro focusses on educating Indian women on the need for a rightly fitted Bra and how to get one. In her experiences dealing with clients, she has realized that women spend considerable years and money on wearing an ill fitted bra, becoming victims of back ache, neck ache, wardrobe malfunctioning and unfortunate awkward situations, all because of ignorance. She believes intimates are (literally) the foundation of a confident look for all women and her passion is helping consumers find the right pieces for their body shape by talking about it in a REAL way. We had the chance to sit down with Jayshree and learn a bit more about her! She knows bra fit and style and works with a wide variety of women, so let’s take advantage of learning from her! On with the interview…

Why the name CAZARO?
Cazaro stands for “Elegant” and it sums up the essence for any lady. My logo design has a tiara so you feel like a Queen & I believe each lady is the Queen of her life and after trying my fitting service or wearing my bras, my clients feel just that!

What products can customers expect?
It is essential that when a lady buys a bra, she understands why she needs a specific style, cut and size and how to best use it too. This is where our fitting services play a crucial role. The bras in each category are available in cup sizes ranging from D to JJ.

What got you started into the lingerie industry?
Post marriage, when we decided to have our bundle of joy, I wanted to commit my time and energy to my baby and my home and then is when it was time to resign from my job, focus on my baby and family.Around the same time, I sensed a gap in the lingerie industry in India as most staff members at stores didn’t have much practical experience and knowledge in a product which is so personal. A lot of people go through physical Health Issues with wearing the wrong bra. The support should never come from the straps it has to come from the band or else it digs into the skin. So this is how I started off here! Having been in this industry for a decade now, I see there is so much to do! From the right fits, to correct non-commercial information regarding the various styles and their actual need.

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