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It's Lingerie so handle with care

We all handle our delicates with extra love and care, but when it comes to bras, we are perhaps not as careful unless it a fancy, lacy one. As much as you need to handle your bras with care, you also need to store them well. For, that expensive one you bought will last you longer if you extend dollops of TLC to it and not treat it as just another garment is not visible but necessary to wear.

Organise, organise, organise It’s important to divide and store your bras in a systematically if you wish them to last longer. Line your bras as it’s done in the store. Believe us, this will protect them and also make it easier for you to locate the one you want.

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Keep them in drawers

Store your bras in a drawer; if your wardrobe does not have a separate one for them, invest in a chest of drawers only for bras. We are talking about the type of drawer with squares where you can store each one separately. Moreover, choose acrylic over wood, as it has a tendency to snag. For absolute delicates, it’s better to lay it flat.

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Do not fold, ever

When it comes to moulded bras, ensure that you do not fold them, i.e., folding one cup in the other. When it comes to moulded bras and push-up bras, storing them in such a manner will only ruin it. A moulded bra is meant to mould your bust to the shape of the cup and folding it would warp or dent it out of shape.

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Hang them up

If you do not wish to store your bras in drawers and chests, you can hang them along with other delicate garments as well. However, do get the right hangers for them such as the ones with notches so that the straps do not slide off. You can also use hangers with cushioned, buffered clips that do not damage the fabric or lace of the bra.

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Use shower rings

Hanging bras, if done the right way is in fact good for them then one can think. If you do not wish to use a hanger, use some shower rings on one hanger so that all of them fit in one place.

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A bra rack works wonders

Use a bunch of hangers and make your own bra rack to sort them out. This will not only add an aesthetic touch to your bras but will also save room to store them. Also, when it comes to sports bras that are not moulded, you can fold them up for more storage space.

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One bra, one hanger

Use one hanger for each bra…for this you need a lot of space, but it’s a good way to store lingerie. Use the hook in the centre to hold the bras in place after hanging them over the bar.


These are just some ways to ensure that your lingerie stays in shape and last you longer. It may seem a task for some, but taking care of your inners is as important as taking care of outer wear. So, we encourage you to extend that extra care and tend to your lingerie with utmost love.

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