It’s our Nineteen Anniversary!

October 24, 2017 written by
19th anniversary for lacenlingerie magazine

On the one hand, it feels like I’ve been doing this for a lifetime, while on the other, I find myself wondering “Where did the months go?” It’s been a year of excitement, highs and lows, long work days and sleepless nights, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other.

This past few years has taught me so many lessons, and one that really stands out is just how important it is for us to stand by one another.

In my last anniversary editor’s note, I shared my own struggle in coming out with a publication on Lingerie which was fraught with grave challenges. And being a pioneer meant that I didn’t have any path to follow and had to chart my own course, learn from my own mistakes. Fall down several times and yet get up keep walking and at times up and running.

It is with this newfound sense of calm that we are entering a phase of stability and looking forward to the twentieth year.

And in this special 250 pager special issue we have several articles on newer subjects we haven’t touched before. Especially the articles on the advent of EBO’s and how they influence consumer behaviour? Also there is a feature on the scientific aspects of shapers and we ask the panel of experts on what they consider on key aspects of shapers? A very interesting read. There is a trends on what to expect for the spring summer of 2018 analysing the fashion on the runways from Salon de la lingerie in Paris this year.

Apart from this there are very many stories that will keep you riveted to this journal and there is so much of information that you will not part with this issue easily.

Every magazine, as much as it looks like a finished product when it is published, is really a living creature. Every day we keep our eyes and ears to the world, and every day there are small or large changes to what we have written the day before or were about to report on. We look at trends and developments. We follow a new leader or a new financial institution and try to understand what happened to a specific project or a stated goal. Now, for a moment, imagine having done that for the past 19 years. Every single day for nearly 6,935 days.

It takes perseverance and flexibility, of course. But primarily, it takes teamwork. Over the past 19 years many reporters, feature writers, stringers and art directors, graphic artists and proof readers, advertising personnel, digital professionals, research and subscription officers and many other professionals have worked and contributed for this magazine. They all have contributed to make what is this magazine today. It is their sweat and blood through which the edifice has been erected. So I salute their contribution and humbly accept that an editor is as good as his team.

Today we salute all of them and their efforts, and we thank our readers or advertisers. If it weren’t for all of them, we wouldn’t celebrate today. Their contribution has been, still is and certainly will be crucial to everything that makes Lace-n-Lingerie a vibrant reality and a monthly event that most of us wait for longingly.


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