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Fashion aficionados and experts always want fashion trends to stay and many phase out but some make a comeback, at times reinvented. And, fresh, new trends pave their way on the runway as well as stores. So, if you’re looking at replenishing your underwear drawer with some latest lingerie trends that are hot this season, we bring you some to watch out for.

Colour Trip

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Colourful bright coloured lingerie is a trend that will never die out. This one allows you to refresh your lingerie drawer with each season. The colours and textures of vibrant underwear with prints is a trend that is set to make a big impact in 2019. Choose from bright Pinks, Sky Blues and Canary Yellows for your underwear drawer.

Skin Coloured Nudes

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Have you ever needed a panty that doesn’t show through your clothes? And the average one-tone nude colour panty available in most stores doesn’t work for you? Well, not to worry, as nude coloured underwear is in fashion at the moment and it ranges to different skin tones as now many brands understand that we all come in different shades nude. Fashion icons, Kardashians, who are inspiration for this skin-coloured trend reflect a society that is coming to terms with natural bodies now. Slip into colours such as, Nude, Blush Nude, Caramel, Cinnamon, and Beige; you can find the perfect one to match your skin tone.

A Lace Affair

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Elegant and classy, lace is defined as delicate and feminine, enhancing its beauty and is a classic underwear style that is always in fashion, no matter what. Lace panties go with every ensemble and show a little skin without revealing it all. You can wear lace panties for a special someone or treat yourself and feel timeless, sexy and powerful. You’ll never go wrong with timelessly romantic antique white lace lingerie or spice it up by choosing neon-coloured lace panties. For an everyday occasion, your can opt for faded pastels in Powder Blue, Slate Grey, Lavender Blush, Dusty Rose, Beige, Salmon, Aquamarine, or Peach, to add a splash of colour to this vintage inspired underwear look.


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Bohemian lingerie is specially made for the spring or festival season. Each piece is inspired by the outfits of the hippie culture…of those who dream and live in harmony with nature and what the Universe has to offer. These pieces are also inspired and worn in one of the biggest festivals like Coachella, which has a style of it’s own. This look combines an earthy colour scheme with stylish details like ribbons, brocade, jacquards, beading, and a combination of natural fibres like cotton, linen and silk. So, you will find knots, tassels, fringing, strings and embroidery. This type of underwear is romantic and playful, yet down-to-earth, while adding a summery touch to your style.

Velvet Rush

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And last we come to one of the super hot trends is velvet and velour underwear, which is making a comeback for Fall 2019. Online stores have already started stocking so many of these pieces. Warm and comfortable as it may seem, these textured soft finishes can add a sense of luxury and style to your ensembles. Rich, regal shades of velvet such as Burgundy, Peacock Blue and Deep Violet are the shades to pick or you can even contrast the classic look by choosing bold, contemporary shades such Lime Green.

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