James Heal launches a new instrument to test the drying rate of activewear fabrics

January 24, 2020 written by
James Heal launches a new instrument to test the drying rate of activewear fabrics

James Heal, a leading manufacturer of premium quality textile testing instruments and consumables recently launched a new testing instrument that can assess the drying rate of activewear fabrics. The instrument is named ProDry and it enables manufacturers to test the drying rate of fabrics used in base layer garments, football kits, running gear, gym gear, socks and footwear.

Speed of drying is an important aspect in textiles that are worn next to skin. If the garment stays damp for a long time, it can cause discomfort to the wearer.

ProDry uses the AATCC Test Method 201 which is the Heat Plate Method to measure drying rate of fabrics. The instrument can also be configured to accommodate other methods via an adjustable temperature sensor. Along with drying rate, ProDry also records the temperature of the fabric for every second of the test and displays the results in real time.

According to Neil Pryke, Innovation Director at James Heal, ProDry is helping manufacturers and brands assess important dry rates of their fabrics and materials by replicating the real conditions they endure to verify that quick-drying fabrics are doing the job expected of them. “This performance effectiveness is what the manufacturers are ultimately aiming to achieve with the materials they use. ProDry provides unparalleled insight into evaporation, and how garments such as activewear will dry if damp through rain or sweat,” adds Pryke.

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