Jenna Dewan drops Channing Tatum’s last name from a photo-sharing website

May 29, 2018 written by

After splitting form her husband, Jenna Dewan changed her name on a photo-haring site from Jenna Dewan Tatum to Jenna Dewan. This came after her former husband ‘liked’ her picture in lingerie that she had posted on the site.

The 37-year-old mother of one is donning nude lingerie and a white shirt and is seen kneeling on the bed laughing and holding a coffee mug. In another picture, the Step Up star is lying on the bed on her tummy with her toned behind on display through her lace panties. Apparently, she was plugging a lingerie line and also urging her followers to ‘swipe up to buy’.

Jenna totally rocked the two looks smiling away and looking relaxed sending the message that she had moved on after her split from her husband.

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