Jolidon Swimwear 2017: Riviera Collection

January 26, 2017 written by
swimwear 2017 rivera collection

Made with the best materials, crafted with the European expertise. Jolidon Swimwear presents their 2017 range of products, working with vibrant colors and a wide range of styles. From daring youthful cuts to elegant classic pieces, the brand aims to fulfil the need of every public, combining new fabrics and prints in their pieces that are made with high quality components, designed and manufactures in house.

Responding to market necessity, Jolidon is offering their new styles in sizes up to a G cup, implementing special technological processes to create quality pieces to this demographic, making sure they get the quality and support needed.

For the Riviera collection, distinctive prints were used, with symbolic settings and and the creation of an identity essential to the brand. Paradise City, one of the styles presented, uses a piazza to photographic print, combining perfectly with a snakeskin texture. For this line, the gold metallic insertion, contouring the bras of the swimsuits, is the key element, providing a touch of glamour to the whole set. Nature skin, another print presented on the Riviera collection, is the ultimate eye-catcher. Rich in colors, this floral print is combined with a striped segment within the same color pallet. The modern interpretation and flirty touches, provided by the highly saturated colors and tailoring, gives the final touch to this print.

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