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September 25, 2017 written by
Karl Mayer Knitting company

Karl Mayer is a world leader in production of warp knitting and warp preparation machines

Over the last five years, Karl Mayer has invested extensively in improving competitiveness of its high-tech locations in Germany, Italy and Japan. Progressive solutions have enabled the company to grow. The company is working on sustainability and efficient use of resources.


All products from Karl Mayer are of highest quality and the result of ultra-modern production processes in application.

In 2014, Karl Mayer started a comprehensive investment program with the objective to strengthen the company’s production section in order to face challenges of the future. The answer was a comprehensive reorganization of the processes, modernization of the buildings and investments in a state-of-the-art machine equipment.


The warp preparation business unit consists of Prosize sizing machine and the Multi-Matic. The Prosize features a novel, well-thought out process guiding, thus ensuring the highest efficiency in weaving and the smallest possible sizing liquor volume. In this way, it makes a significant contribution to the concept of sustainability. The Multi-Matic has high flexibility during sampling and short-warp production.


When it comes to manufacture of composite materials made from glass fibers, for example, the multiaxial warp knitting machine Cop Max and the fiber spreading unit UD 700 are technical solutions of highest perfection.

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