KEKI high-speed automatic stitching machine XJ-311H

May 25, 2018 written by

Ordinary garment factories produce various kinds of rubber bands with different lengths and widths. Hand-operated machines require multiple processes, from length measurement alignment, to cutting, to sewing and so on. In the manual operation process, it is difficult to observe the alignment and stitching of the rubber band, the logo and the letter pattern. It is difficult to avoid errors, is time-consuming, labour-intensive and material-consuming.

The traditional manufacturing of an elastic band with a logo and a letter pattern requires a labour division. The sewing process relies on manual work, quality is difficult to ensure and production efficiency is low.

KEKI high-speed automatic stitching machine XJ-311H uses the intelligent electronic eye instead of human eye to identify the elastic band logo and letter position and precise alignment. High-speed automation completes cutting, splicing, multi-needle sewing and automatic receipt at one time, achieving high productivity.

After the intelligent touch screen is set with the length, width and quantity of the rubber band, the rubber band is automatically transmitted by the device. The high-speed automatic cutting is performed and the stitching is performed at the same time; multi-needle sewing. The CCD device is inserted and the electronic eye recognises the rubber band logo and letter position, combined with independent positioning display scanning zoom, precise alignment. KBC device consists of five rotary receivers, is suitable for automatic receipt of 1-5 kinds of different lengths of rubber band, according to preset instructions.

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