Korean Group JCA presents new innovative elastic tapes named Elon and TFlex

August 16, 2019 written by

In Interfilière 2019, held last month at Paris, JCA presented their new innovative elastic tapes named Elon and Tflex, which is made with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane).

Group JCA was established in 2002 with an aim to manufacture and supply TPU elastic tape to the garment industry. Since then, they have developed many more TPU products such as TPU elastic bands, TPU ribbon and TPU elastic cord using their own unique extrusion technology.

TPU elastic tape, Elon has fast recovery with 300 per cent elongation and it consists of unique vertical ribs that prevent it from folding. It has higher tensile strength and is thinner and lighter than rubber. Therefore, it can be used on waistbands, stretchable leg opening, swimwear edges, fitted bed sheets and wherever an elastic function with fast recovery is required.

Tflex is a transparent elastic tape that has high elasticity and recovery. It provides smooth, soft edges and comfortable filling and is used in high functioning applications, such as swimsuits and sportswear. Both the TPU elastic tapes are 100 per cent latex free and is recyclable and environment friendly.

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