Lenzing’s Tencel fibres X micro technology promises fashion with utmost comfort

August 16, 2019 written by
Lenzing's Tencel fibres X micro technology promises fashion with utmost comfort - 1

Lenzing unveils Tencel branded Lyocell and Modal fibres with micro technology that provides utmost comfort. These are cellulosic fibres, manufactured from renewable wood sources in titers of 1.00 to 0.80 dtex using micro technology and are further processed to make lightweight fabrics.

Lenzing Group, headquartered in Austria is quite well known for its innovative range of fine fibres, which are a major contribution to the textile and fashion industry.

According to Lenzing, maximum number of consumers are now opting for clothing that has soft, light and smooth fabric, which provides them with utmost comfort and at the same time, is also sustainable.

Tencel Lyocell or Modal fibres, based on wood and produced with micro technology is light and soft on the skin and has a flowing drape. It consists of properties such as silkiness, softness and long lasting suppleness. These fibres can produce the finest of yarns, which can further be processed into softer and lighter knitted and woven fabrics. These kind of fabrics are commonly used in high quality lingerie and luxurious home wear. At the end of their life cycle, these fibres biodegrade and nature returns to nature.

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