Lisa Snowdon believes society is ageless and women are defined by passions

November 23, 2017 written by
lisa snowdon believes society is ageless & womens are defined by passions

One of the UK’s most in-demand models after being spotted at the tender age of 19.

Lisa Snowdon, now 45, still looks at her best.

But the London-based star doesn’t put it down to youth-enhancing creams or rigorous workout regimes. Indeed, Lisa says it’s all thanks to a newfound confidence that came from accepting that she and her fellow mature females – are ”ageless”.

Lisa, who believes the phrase ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ is ‘derogatory and unfair’ believes that when you see men wearing Speedos at all ages and don’t comment on that. So women should wear a bikini for as long as they want for its their body. The jewellery designer, who has also recently launched a beauty blog, advises her fellow females to just ‘bite the bullet’ when it comes to embracing their hobbies and passions at a later stage in life.

Lisa Snowdon believes society is ageless-1

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