Louisa Bracq’s fall/winter 20/21 collection is an ode to femininity and nature

April 5, 2020 written by

French luxury lingerie brand Louisa Bracq continues the company’s tradition of producing sophisticated, feminine and elegant lingerie pieces for women of all shapes and sizes.

The brand’s latest fall/winter 20/21 collection focuses on the universe of the 1990s with esoteric overtones. It consists of three lines inspired by three unique themes. The “Gypsy Trip” line talks about a mesmerising journey consisting of cashmere print theme without embroidery which is inspired by Persian mystical and folk universe. The print on the styles has a trompe l’oeil effect exuding the impression of a scarf draped over the body in a midnight blue background.

The “Jodie” line, inspired by the heroines of Helmut Newton is minimalist in nature. The styles under this line are identity based and without embroidery. They are functional, resistant, soft and embrace simplicity.

The “Elise” line appears in a new emerald colour. The inspiration behind this colour is reminiscent of the natural world of vast winter forests. The palmettes are embroidered using iridescent thread to create scarab reflections.

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