Loungewear The Style Statement Of Modern India

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Loungewear being the practical and comfortable clothing is becoming a lifestyle statement. It is all about pampering oneself. With t-shirt, pajamas, camisole and leggings being popular and in demand is also the trigger to the raging trend for nightwear.
Being the new must-have for the lounge trend, the pajamas are undergoing a serious make over and becoming the new wardrobe essentials. The major reason for the popularity of the segment is with people eagerly looking for a third wardrobe to wear at home after coming from work and to lounge around in before going to bed. Also, the hot weather and casual work culture is
prompting people to buy more loungewear.
The basic yet fashionable pyjama or a night shirt let the masses carry it with attitude. The students and young professionals have been the first ones to sport loungewear attire, as these outfits give them trendy casual and physical comfort, symbolic to a way mingle with the world outside. The clothing is a good way to de-stress and be fashionable.
Western influence, changing trends and busy lives of people are the factors in general bringing about a drastic change in consumer acceptance of loungewear into their day-to- day life. The new work-from-home and creative work culture has further fueled this new loungewear craze. As more loungewear wearers falls under 45, they tend to wear t shirts, shorts, long shorts or shorts with their usual work shirts, rather than complete sets. As of now, women in the 18-50 years age group comprise the major buyers though men too make significant purchases. There is a large segment of consumers who wish to wear high quality nightwear with features that match international standards.

he ever growing category : In women best selling loungewear includes camisole tops and fitted Tees with a strong fashion emphasis. Bottoms are more streamlined, offered in solid or printed jersey or classic woven cotton.
Key colors from the prints are used in lace or piping trims on both tops and bottoms. Guys look for drawstring bottoms and loose-fitting T-shirt tops in cotton and natural-touch fabrics. The category is fast taking centre stage with Indian knits industry continuing its growth story. It has the potential to acquire a big share of the overall knits industry.
Thus apparently many brands are venturing into this space. Individuals seek more and more comfort in clothes, the traditional nightwear trend which was used by people in the confinement of their homes is now out there, on the streets, in the day and surprisingly in the offices as well.
Men and women of today look at wearability, affordability and comfort; hence, the pricing factor cannot be ignored. Thus value for money attitude of Indian consumer lead to price barriers owing to competition from branded and unbranded players in the market. The product is a fast moving category for Indian exporters.

Mix and match is the issue as the top and bottom both are different and so the supply definitely has a surplus. So they are always under margin pressure. Apart from lower margins and inventory surplus faced by brands, changing fashion is another challenge. Loungewear brands are looking to spread their retail footprint.

Value addition:
With the designs becoming fancier over time, details and embellishments like imported trims, embroidery, floral motifs and laser cut has been in demand, along with digital prints, discharge and reactive prints. While the top is knitted, the lowers are mostly woven, with yarn dyed fabric used for them. There is a huge demand for leggings with long tunics. For summer sleeveless tops with capri length leggings is a perfect match. Patterns like dots, butterflies, flowers and hearts are very popular.
Buyers are demanding new samples as the market condition is improving, and allover prints, appliquéd motifs like bows and flowers, and embroidery are in demand in knitted fabrics of 140-160 gsm. Free-size tunics with allover prints like flowers, roses, stripes and checks, along with patch-work, piping and lace details are largely demanded in huge quantities.
Undoubtedly the loungewear overall is becoming more fashionable. Shapes like tunics, shorts and long pajamas are in demand, with allover prints. Value additions like laces and satin ribbon bows are also being used to add texture and appeal to a basic design.
With a lot of awareness amongst women shapes like shorts, capris and full length pyjamas with T-shirts are being developed to work well in the domestic market, with T-shirts based on various themes like go green, computers, facebook and other women-driven topics, while the pyjamas are mostly floral.
Producers of women’s pyjama sets are increasing R&D capability to raise the range and functions of designs. Companies are also making efforts to enhance product quality and decrease operating costs through vertical integration.

The Loungewear Brands :
The Mumbai based loungewear manufacturer Valentine offers a wide variety of loungewear for three occasions before winter, during winter and all season loungewear . Here we have divided each collection into three sections.
Long sleeve collared two buttoned shirts with pockets and pyjamas set made of soft single jersey which is the same as a t-shirt fabric for both a stylish and comfy feel, ideal for winter nights or relaxing at home.
You can also opt for round neck t-shirts and elastic drawstring pyjamas available in both printed and basic colors at Rs 1000 to Rs 1299 a set.
The other range include dark colored jackets with zippers, inner t-shirts and elastic drawstring pajamas sets in colors like navy and grey mileage. This is made of 100 percent cotton, but a much thicker fabric to keep you warm during those cold winter nights. Stripes and checks are also available in colors of grey, red, black, blue and so on at Rs 1000 – 2000 a set.
Relax in these half sleeve t-shirts and pajamas sets all around the year in many styles and fashionable colors to best suit your mood and give you the utmost peace of mind. You can opt for the half sleeve shirts with 3/4th elastic drawstring as well at Rs 1499 onwards.

Bodycare International under Proteens Basyx range dedicated to relaxed comfort wear for men, women and kids has come up with fancied yet sober range of t-shirts, shorts, track pants and capris.
For boys the brand has introduced sleeveless, half sleeves and full sleeves t-shirts along with shorts and capris. The girls range is rich with cut sleeves, half sleeves, full sleeves t-shirts, track shirts, shorts, short capirs, tights, pyjama and track pants. The mens range is filled with sleeveless, half sleeves and full sleeves t-shirts and track shirts. In bottoms it has shorts, Bermudas, capris, pyjamas and track pants. Similarly the womens range carries sleeveless, half sleeves and full sleeves t-shirts and track shirts and bottoms contain shorts, capris, payjamas and track pants.
This whole range is designed with colorful prints characters, horizontal stripes, attractive wordings, polka dot prints besides basic plain styles. It is colored with red, navy blue, black, red, grey, Navy blue, pink, majenta, purple, green, brown and violet. Crafted in 100 percent cotton fabric the range is offered in the price range of Rs 389 to Rs 1149.

This year the Delhi based popular inner wear brand
Coco Berry is largely focusing on its women’s and men’s loungewear collection. The brand has introduced t-shirts, capris, shorts and pyjamas for teenager to 50 years old. Specially made from cotton-lycra fabric the range is decorated with colors like mélange, navy blue, black, purple and wine colors. Apart from this the basic range of the brand includes capris, full pyjamas and shorts for 12 to 14 years old. The range is dipped in light shades like skin, wine, off white, peach, purple and baby pink. Available in S to XXL sizes, the price range of the whole collection starts from Rs 399 to Rs 600.

Mumbai based lingerie and loungewear brand Red Rose is offering series of range in pastel colors for the ongoing summer season. Mainly the products consists nightwear, t-shirts track pants, 3/4th, nighties, capri suit, camisole, sleeveless, short pants, track pants, bermudas, boxer shorts, pyjamas and drawstrings for men, women and kids. The collection is made from 100 percent cotton knitted fabric. It is priced from Rs 600 to Rs 1000.

Embracing its position in the Ahmedabad market
Cotts Knits has variety of range in loungewear for mens, womens, girls and boys. It has mens night suit, bermuda suit in sporty look, womens pyjamas, capris sets, bermuda set along with separates. For toodler boys and girls it has track pants, bermudas, girls shorts, capri set and bermuda set along with sets. The singles are presented in one and two colors while the sets are availed in three to five colors. The t-shirts are presented in different necklines like polo neck, round neck, v neck and chinese necks. This whole range is designed in dark and light colors like bright purple, lavender, pink, navy blue, black, and rani among the others. Crafted in hosiery, textile cotton and lycra fabrics the range of boys and girls starts from Rs 400 to Rs 700, womens one starts from
Rs 700 to Rs 865 and the men one is from Rs 750 to Rs 900.

Mumbai based nightsuits, loungewear, track pant and pyjamas, capris and cargos, bermudas, bathgowns and t-shirts brand Allocate has launched its exclusive range of men’s loungewear. The range consists Bermuda set and capri set, in lowers single range it has bermuda, capri, fancy pyjama and single t-shirts in and around 30 pastel and dark colors like maroon, green, navy, purple, majenta, brown among the other colors. The range is made from hosiery and textile cotton fabric to be availed at around 300 retailers around the country. It suits the needs of 18 to 65 years old, the sets are priced from Rs 700 to Rs 1500 and the singles in Rs 270 to Rs 350.

Brightline- Vivek Nagda: Raj Garment started the Brightline brand in 1994 and have been at the forefront of nightwear evolution in this country. “This is Brightline’s latest lounge wear collection. We have come up with new trendy designs with best quality and finishing at most affordable rate. The fabric uses is hosiery sinker cotton and we use totally bio washed, best quality fabric and the available sizes are M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL. This collection is available all over India. Price range starts from MRP Rs. 675 to Rs. 785/- According to him the loungewear market is growing steadily though he is not sure of the percentage, but he feels that they should not neglect the fact that online shopping has created a huge impact on retail sale.
So even though lounge wear market has grown, the retail sale has declined. The brand is known for its quality, innovation, finishing, variety and perfect fittings which are at very economy range. They have 100% in house production at their 6000 sq. ft. factory which includes stitching unit, computerized embroidery machines, stock and dispatch segment.

They are looking to establish their presence on a Pan India basis and currently their products are sold in Interior Maharastra, Hyderabad, Karnataka, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai etc.

Bhoomi Apparels- Mr. Shantilal Ahir the MD opined “We are a newly launched brand and have recently launched our loungewear collections into the Indian market. Catering to only ladies for the summer of 2015 we offer loungewear sets such as 3pc sets, 4pcs sets, 5 pc sets and 6 pcs sets in sizes M,L and XL. We offer both long pants, round neck tees, sleeveless tops and short tops, the products are made from cotton sinker fabric. Our Loungewear collection starts from Rs. 599 to Rs.1999. You can avail of our loungewear in all colors and prints such as stripes, plain colors etc. The loungewear market growth is very positive.”

The brand known for its assorted range of nightwear, Vimal Fashion has unveiled its vast range of loungewear for women, girls and boys. The brand is offering capris, long pyjamas, round neck tees tops, pyjama set and bath robe. “Approximately 10 years ago ladies wouldn’t wear loungewear at home, only the men would wear them while relaxing at home and teenage girls would never wear night suits and roam about, but today the scenario has changed completely they sit at home all day wearing loungewear” avers Mr. Vimal “ Even the kids during their vacation wear loungewear and go out and play.” Back in the day all these products were not there. Now days this trend has come to light. The overall market growth is very positive for everyone. We are concentrating on white prints more this year because it is best for the summer season and Capris and Bermuda for kids. We have cotton collections also for the summer. The starting range is Rs. 250 to Rs. 600, kids nightwear is
Rs. 300 onwards, boys, girls and ladies loungewear at Rs.300 onwards. Ladies sizes are- S, M, L, XL and XXL and kids sizes are categorised as – 2 years to 14 years of age.

Skin wrap- Sunil Nasra: “We have launched new loungewear products this year which starts from
Rs. 500 onwards available for women only in sizes S to 3XL, a few products are available in 4XL. We are distributing our products in Punjab, where the demand is for even larger sizes, that is 2XL,3XL and 4XL.
Our loungewear products are available in almost all the major cities. We are still expanding slow and steadily. We have just started catering to the Punjab market and Mumbai market right now. Bangalore market is well settled and in Gujarat and Rajasthan our brands has a very good presence.

The medium range, basic products or you can say the value for money products are always in demand, but now customers know that if you yearn for good quality products, it definitely comes at a price. “We sell quality products but at an economical price.” Therefore we don’t decrease the quality, since we are happy with a smaller margin even. We just want to establish our brand name.” We offer narrow bottom pant styles as it has been in demand and long t-shirts giving you a modest good look. We sell 2pc to 3pc night suits and some night suit sets come with a viscose fabric shrug. The fabrics used are sinker knitted cotton, viscose and imported fabrics. The products start from Rs. 450 to Rs.2000.”

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