Magic Mirror for Lingerie Trials?

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Some say, lingerie or intimate wear industry is very hush hush, while some want to be bold and embrace the necessity factor attached to lingerie wholeheartedly. But are women ready to ready to experiment newer technology when shopping for their intimates? Are they keen on trying out their lingerie virtually using the magic mirror. Even though the concept is synonymous to ease of trials and promises to sort out the process, but it is not easy to see eye to eye with the technology. Why? Many think security and privacy is a concern for this technology. However, certain part of the industry and consumers do feel that when used with care and responsibility, the mirror can technically help in many ways. The conversation just got bolder and heated, let’s hear it from our panel.

Monal Vora Red Rose Since inception in 1977 by the Vora brothers, ‘Red Rose’ by Sagar products has carved a niche as a leading brand amongst women’s intimate wear. Inspired by the women, for the women, at “Red Rose” we strongly believe it all starts with what you’re wearing on the inside that projects beauty and confidence on the outside. Every woman is born with that right to beauty.

Monal Vora takes the baton of the brand ahead, by enriching it with digital transformation technologies. He pours in a new figment of ideas into the brand and in doing so brings the brand closer to the new-age customers. He understands the trade from a deep insight of technology and thus says,

Magic mirror is a very advanced concept, which I think is still at its nascent stage in terms of the distribution of this technology. But if effective, it can prove to be a boon as the fact that most women are unaware of their bra sizes is common knowledge. However, an important point to be considered is as most brands have their own minor tweaks and patterns in sizes, it can be very difficult to standardise its use for multiple brands at a time.

This is something that the makers of this technology can work upon. It’s challenging as the bra size guides also vary across international markets. But having said that, if the industry embraces this technology and perfects the demerits of the technology on offer then we can actually see it helping the woman make faster trials, every step of the way.

Tanvi Gupta is an accessory designer cum freelance writer. She is also an aspiring travel and lifestyle blogger, who loves everything fashion, brands and indulge in retail often.

Lingerie retail is a very personal kind of indulgence and seldom people do it alone, without seeking guidance of another. The conventional trial is the best as lingerie is something that makes for your second skin and touches your body as the first layer.

It’s something very intimate and has a feel good factor attached to it. More than the material, it’s the fit in this case and it’s mostly bought on an impulse. A conventional trial shows the real ‘you’, whether curvy, skinny or sexy. It also gives you a real feel of how it will shape your curves and also gives you an idea of your size. Magic mirror will only create an illusion that may connect to the customer momentarily, be flattering then but may later be deceptive and heart-breaking.

A customer relates to a lingerie brand and becomes a loyal, to only keep returning monthly to buy the new bees of the brand or to replace their regulars. Every fit should be what meets the eye. I vote for Real fit, Real lingerie, Real people, Real comfort.

La Lingerie , a popular retail store present across India, is a brain child of Mr. Dharmendra Nathvani, with 20 years rich experience in the segment, supported by his better half, Intimate Wear Designer, Mrs. Suman Nathwani. “La Lingerie” is renowned, as a destination point for Bridals, a pioneering outlet of Modern Indian Intimate Wear, introducing and popularizing the concept of intimate apparels, along with merchandise related to it. “La Lingerie”, offers a choice, for every consumer, irrespective of age and sex. Stacked with premium, best quality, Cotton, Satin, Georgette, Net and Velvet sleepwear, International and Indian Lingerie, Swimwear, and Beach/Loungewear, the consumer is spoilt to the core with options, resulting in loyal customers. Currently, La –Lingerie stores are present in cities like Kolkata. Ahmedabad, Noida and spreading its wings to cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. Also, with the advent of online shopping, La Lingerie takes a special initiative to be available to the consumers through its own brand portal

I started my journey with magic mirror years back. This was the time when the technology was making its advent into the industry. Well, to be precise it was then considered as a technology empowering the apparel trials. We at La Lingerie always take pride in staying ahead of the curve and that’s why we got the magic mirror technology to India and to our stores in those days, itself. Riding over our apprehensions we were observant and wanted to see how consumers respond to something so amazing and path breaking. However, to our disappointment we realised that the consumers were not too happy with the technology on offer. They were not keen on trying out lingerie virtually using artificial intelligence. They were scared and bothered that the machine would keep their images stored and the same would get circulated online. Even though we tried to logically explain that the same doesn’t really get stored and that we assure the privacy and safety, women did not agree to go on trials using this technology. Given this first-hand experience, I feel we are not ready as a market to embrace magic mirror at this day and age.

A product owner by profession, Shreyasshi has years of experience in managing and transforming programs having 30+ members span across various geographical locations(USA, Italy, UK, and Bangalore). She is experienced in owning and delivering products for Data Visualization in Contact Center, Industrial Automation and Travel domain. With strong aesthetic sense and a logical mind, on the personal front she is also a new mother. Juggling her travels, work, and home with similar zeal and élan, she had something to say to us about the topic in discussion.

The buying behaviour and satisfaction of consumers in Indian market is different than any Asian countries. Indian customers have become more open minded and experimental in his/her perspective. However Indian customers are famous or infamous for their high degree of value orientation. Luxury brands need to create a uniqueness in their product and pricing to attract Indian Market. Lingerie is a product that communicates comfort and feelings. A market which has a projected growth of CAGR of 14% to reach $6.5 billion from 3.0 $ billion by 2023 definitely needs to be more cautious and innovative to bring any change in the sales strategy. In my opinion, implementation of Smart Mirror can boost the sale to achieve the above number with 5%< in Return of products. Consumers can access the given application using their Tablets or smart phone. What’s important is that any TG, the one who is >50 years old can also manage these devices without a hiccup.

With intuitive user experience, consumers can select the size, colour, brand, types and with one submit button, a recommendation will display for them with a price. Less selection time and easy to purchase without any hassle. Over the period of time body shape changes, hence, a smart mirror can educate a consumer about his/her shape changes and show the right choices for them. Although for a Mom & Pop shop this kind of devices could be an additional cost, however they can take calculated risk and start increasing their inventory with some costly brands as chances of return will be less when the trials are done in a more full proof manner. Overall I feel that, when used with care and insight, this technology can revolutionise the way of doing trials.



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