Magic Mirror: Virtual Changing Room To Try-on Outfits

February 5, 2016 written by
Magic Mirror

virtualDressing lace n lingerie
Magic Mirror is a British company started
by a team of experienced and passionate
engineers with the vision of creating the
most advanced photo booth and digital
signage in the market.
Japanese company Shiseido recently
revealed their ‘Magic Mirror’, a virtual
make-up mirror which allows people to get a full make-over in seconds, testing hundreds of products at the touch of a button, without the need for make-up remover afterwards.
The Magic Mirror uses a camera on the device to captures your face and work out where your eyes, nose and mouth are.

The Magic Mirror is a technology that enables a fun and interactive way for shoppers  to try-on virtual clothes and outfits. It  enables an augmented reality based mirror for shoppers to see themselves in a range of virtual clothes and accessories without actually having to try them in real life.
The global apparel retail market is projected to  be $1163 billion (Source: Data Monitor) by end-2014. Retailers can tap this huge market by leveraging the Magic Mirror solution to increase store visits and walk-ins by creating a fun and rewarding in-store shopping experience.  

Using the Magic Mirror, shoppers can quickly and easily try on a wide range of virtual clothes and accessories. Retailers can use the Magic Mirror as a platform to provide shoppers expert fashion advice and recommendations to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Shoppers can capture photos of themselves in different
virtual outfits and use the Magic Mirror to share these
with friends and family via photo sharing social
networks. Retailers can leverage this to build customer
loyalty with follow up marketing activities and
promotions via such social networks Ability to ‘read’
the body motion of the users, mainly body and hand
gestures to perform specific function on the Magic Mirror such as take photo, browse fashion collection, play game, etc. Magic Mirror is able to understand human body language, building a richer and more interactive experience with the users.
Touch sensor embedded an array of micro-fine conductive electrodes printed in X and Y axis behind a protective touch surface, enables touch position to be detected over a thick overlay. While user’s finger approaches the touch surface, the peak change in the electrode frequency determines the touch position accurately.
Benefits to shoppers include:
•Quick preview and virtual try-on of new clothes and outfits.
•Getting fashion advice and recommendations.
•Shopping is made fun and social by shoppers capturing photos of themselves in different virtual outfits and sharing with friends and family via photo sharing through social networks.

Benefits to retailers include:

•Capturing walk by retail traffic and enticing shoppers into retail store using eye-catching Magic Mirror
•Increase sales and conversion rates by enabling shoppers to easily try on different new outfits and colours
•Increase store visits and walk-ins by providing fun and differentiated shopping experience

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