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September 27, 2017 written by
Marie Jo L'Aventure A/w 17

On your wedding night, lingerie should be memorable. Voluptuous, seemingly innocent and at the same time a tinker of naughty, Marie Jo L’Aventure unites these three key words in the luxury melody set Holmes.


Holmes breathes modern romance. Graphics windows go hand in hand with velvety-soft flock and flow together in a series of cut-outs. With four braces and three tie Holmes shows a surprisingly versatile series. In addition to preformed braces – whether or not strapless – this collection will also seduce bride lingerie with a quilted triangle bra and a luxurious body.


The pure line play is a tempting tandem with the sumptuous textures. The sophisticated mix of rich velvet look with its graphic design promises a racial look. The untouched elegance of this luxurious materials mix is finished with lush details like fine tufts and detachable velvet flowers.


This bride lingerie combines lush depth and texture with a soft ivory white color palette.


Almost too charming to hide under the wedding dress

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