Mary Katrantzou on her unexpected Victoria’s Secret collaboration

December 27, 2018 written by
Mary Katranzou on her unexpected victoria secret collaboration

The fashion designer never dreamed of creating an intimates line,  let alone teaming up with the lingerie giant.

Before she collaborated with Victoria’s Secret, Mary Katrantzou had never dreamed of creating an intimates line, but that didn’t stop the London-based designer’s joyous range stealing the spotlight at the lingerie giant’s 2018 runway show.

Injecting her Victoria’s Secret range with the bold print and colour that has come to define her eponymous label, Katrantzou took her own cues from the experience, with underwear now no longer such a foreign endeavour for the designer, not least because of the power it possesses to make women feel great.

Katrantzou about collaborating with Victoria’s Secret. “When they first approached me, it was so unexpected and intriguing, I’d never dreamt of doing this sort of collaboration, but sometimes the best collaborations come unexpectedly. What I usually design goes on top of underwear, so it’s a completely different world, and I love that. I loved that I would be working really closely with women’s bodies and designing something that empowers [women] to feel confident and comfortable.”

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Your eponymous label is renowned for its bold use of print—how did you decide on the motifs used in the Victoria’s Secret range?

“I looked at the heritage of my own brand, and I looked at the heritage of Victoria’s Secret, and I felt that it had to be something feminine, it had to be playful, and it had to be positive. So I chose something as universally positive and loved as a floral motif, and really worked in the Victoria’s Secret stripes and colours.”

We did a collection on cowboys and princesses these multi-layer tulle dresses that we brought back for Victoria’s Secret, because they are almost negligee like. We also took some of the structure I’ve used in the past in my lampshade skirts and [created] embellished chandelier-looking pieces.”

I like the underwire bra-top with the open back. I love the jumpsuits, I love the bralettes, I love the dialogue when you see all the different pieces together.”

What did you learn about designing lingerie? “Because I’ve never done underwear before, it’s very infrequent that I have the opportunity to fit a woman so close to her body, where the fit needs to be perfect. Technically, the expertise that is needed to get that perfect fit is beyond what we’ve done before.”

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