Masquerade: Turning 18 with a hint of mystery

November 4, 2016 written by

Arriving at 18, marks a milestone in everyone’s life. This is the age when a girl or a boy gets entrusted with most of their legal rights and responsibilities of adulthood. To mark our 18th birthday, we decided to celebrate the glories of turning 18 with a Masquerade party. Kicking off the shackles to celebrate sensuality and freedom of a being a woman, we took our ‘mystery girl’ on a carnival. Masquerade we believe became the ideal theme as we chose to give a glamorous and mystery touch to our fiesta. The colourful, bold and elegant elements of this theme will show off your mature sense of graceful elegance.

Feast all your senses on our dazzling recreation this year as  you  turn the pages to step inside ‘Masquerade’, our extravagant fashion feature where you will be caught up in a whirl of decadence, danger and delight. Masks, hats, feathers, Crowns, tiaras, boas, balloons. etc  board in to party with us with a touch of mystery bling!


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