Moisture management technologies witness a surge

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According to a report namely, ‘Moisture management technologies: innovation in performance and comfort, As consumers demand higher functionality from performance clothing, innovation in moisture management technologies witness a surge. The report comes from Textile Intelligence, the global business information company. The enhancement in functionality of moisture management fabrics has gone through great research and efforts in recent times with some fabrics such as anti-microbial efficacy, UV protection, odour control, being additional properties.

The introduction of fabrics that provide a cooling sensation and also transport moisture has been one of the most exciting developments in the space of moisture management technology. For example, a treatment called HeiQ Adaptive AC-06 has been developed by HeiQ, based in Zurich, Switzerland. This treatment contains a hydro-functional polymer, which response to fluctuations in body temperature.


Clothing that has fabric treated with HeiQ Adaptive AC-06 offers the wearer a cooling sensation when their body temperature hits 28°C. The structure of the polymer changes at this temperature, due to which the fabric’s ability to wick moisture away from the skin rises. The moisture is wicked to the surface of the fabric and from here, it evaporates. According to tests, clothing crafted out of fabrics that have been treated in this method can reduce the wearer’s basic body temperature by 1.5°C-2.5°C.
The pace of development in moisture management technology is expected to speed up in the coming years as garment and fabric manufacturers vie to further boost the comfort properties of their products. Besides, smart textile technology and biomimetics will be capitalised on by fabric and clothing suppliers. These methods will set the tone for the development of apparel that is capable of performing several functions and keeping its wearer cool as well as dry.

Multifunctional garments will witness a substantial rise as consumers will look for affordability, availability, and choice in this space. This will boost constant growth for moisture management fabrics. Also, the companies that are able to commercialise their wares that portray true innovations more than new versions of existing items are most likely to succeed.

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