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Amanda Store

People in Bengaluru have exciting news, adopting modern influences moves a step ahead and takes immense pleasure in launching their latest retail store called ‘Amanda’ a modern lingerie store offering innerwear exclusively for women.

Mr Arumugam Mudaliar and Father Mr Angamuthu Mudaliar started the business in the name of Amarjyothi Stores. It’s a traditional mom and pop store which is currently there in its location (350 Sq Ft). Owning two family traditional stores and on lingerie store.

We bring you the review of ‘Amanda’ The lingerie store catering exclusively to women.

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This store is designed to suit the lingerie needs, dreams and desires of every woman.

Situated on the ground floor, this one floor store covers a  carpet area of 1975 Sqft located at , Malleshwaram Bengaluru,  One of the oldest areas in the city, Malleswaram has some street shopping avenues- mostly revolving around traditional Bengaluru items. The festival buzz is unique at this place and a must-see to experience the old world charm of Bengaluru.  At the Amanda store women can discover, try and experiment with exclusive creations in a comfortable space. The design concept  occupies the ground floor of an oversized organized structure.


The Decor : The store design supports the simple modern and evolving aesthetic of the brand’s fashion and offers a flexible environment for showcasing all their products with more than enough room to walk around. The lingerie on display is surrounded by off-white walls. The window display is changed twice a week and the creative vision of  Bhaskaran Angamuthu is reflected in the store as well. They have four ladies staff and two gents staff members dressed up in uniforms. Two trial room for your discreetness.  A glass showroom with products hung for display reveals to customers what’s available in-store. The colors in the store are inviting and the merchandise doesn’t drown in it’s interior visual design. White has an associated temperature, mood, light reflectivity and style making it seemingly fresh.  The store lighting portrays a cool setting and falls on each product perfectly making it easier for customers to review the products. Each product is neatly stored in shelves, hung and boxed categorically on display.

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The smooth porcelain tile flooring, tie them together with brown glass cabinets. Inside, all furnishings and fixtures are custom, with detailing including the off white ceiling. Modern lightening effects also features metal accents and led ceiling lights which hover over each collection.


The following category of products are Nightwear, Bridal Intimates, Kurtis, Leggings, Loungewear, Shapewear, Maternity Wear, Woolen Wear, & Much More. Amanda possesses over 15 lingerie and nightwear brands such as W, Aurelia, Amante, Triumph, Enamor, Lovable, Intimacy, Penny, Trylo, Red Rose, Dazzle, Jockey, Pretty Secrets, Hotlips, Sweet Dreams, Sukanya, etc.


Products: Bra,  Briefs,  Baby Dolls, Camisoles, Lounge Set, Lingerie Set, Lounge Pants, Lounge Shorts, Lingerie accessories, Nightdress and Night suits.

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Types Of Bras- T-Shirt / Seamless / Contour Bra, Underwire Bra, Push-Up Bra, Balconette, Demi Bras, Bralette,  Strapless and Convertible Bras, Sports Bra and Minimizer Bra.


In conversation with Bhaskaran Angamuthu Operations Head  of Amanda Lingerie Store


Could you start from the beginning and tell us about your journey?


As business grew in mid 80s my brother Sambandam joined my father in his  business and improvised it, since space was a constraint we  had to expand the business but brother did  not want to disturb the existing store so he set up a new store of  600 Sqft in adjoining the complex in the name of Kumaran Handlooms which focuses both on the textile and lingerie products.


At that time both the shops had only locally sourced Lingerie like Avon ,Missy and bit of Naidu hall, Angel Form and Licosa products. As he established the business he added Daisy Dee in the lingerie segment ,I Mr Bhaskaran Angamuthu entered the business in early 2000 after finishing my graduation, I studied the business operations and felt there was a big gap for lingerie and night wear and there was a need for Brands presence in the lingerie and nightwear segment.

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At this stage we discussed the importance of lingerie/nightwear  business and we forayed into getting brands into the shop.

First and foremost we stared with Yoke ,Sonari, Redrose and later we added Lovable , Enamor, Amante and Trylo.”


What made you start a intimate wear store?

Since both the shops were traditional and space was a major constraint , without trail room, privacy/comfort concern, lack of ladies staff all these made us to plan for a intimate wear store.


How challenging was it for you to start this store?

The biggest challenge for us was getting the prime location in the market area

Who was your inspiration / motivation when you started this store?

My family and my well-wishers, without them this project would have not been here to discuss.

I really wanted to dedicate something for my grandfather and father, so we came across various names for the store where in I wanted a connect and it should  go with the Lingerie store and hence the  name AMANDA which  carries my Grandfather and Father name (AM and A -Arumugam Mudaliar and Angamuthu) and in latin AMANDA means “Worthy of Love”


What were the challenges that you faced in your initial days of intimate wear retailing?

Getting good lingerie brands to our store was the biggest challenge ,since we were know for textile and menswear and not for ladies lingerie.


I used to remember father used to go all the way from Bengaluru to Chennai to Naiduhall Company to get the products. Convincing the customers to upgrade to the brands was yet another task.

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