New Swimwear Trends To Follow This Summer

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New Swimwear Trends for 2019


From the runways of Miami, to the beaches of South Florida, St Tropez and the Bahamas, here are some of the new peak swimwear trends, just in time for style stars hitting the sands for spring break.

When on the beach you have to make sure that you are wearing something that gives you confidence. All women want to feel sexy on the beach, so they will go further than only buying a swimsuit, they will accessorise it with a pair of glasses, a hat, and a pair of flip-flops. The following trends will inspire you to look picture perfect like a true Diva.

                                                                                     Victorias-Secret 2019

Yellow is the colour of the year for swimwear :

If the colour of the year is coral, when it comes to swimsuits, the designers decided that yellow should be the star of the beach. They consider that this hue looks perfect on tanned skin. For this season, they have created a colour that has honey shades, because it flatters all skin tones. When it comes to yellow, it can be combined with multiple other colours, so you should definitely give it a try.

One piece or bodysuit.. Does it even matter anymore


One piece or bodysuit? Does it even matter anymore?

More designers are creating swim pieces that can be worn as both swimwear and bodysuits. While some focus on extremely elaborate bikinis, others such as Sports Illustrated, Gottex and Acacia are making it easier for those who enjoy wearing their swimsuits as bodysuits for a night out, or with a maxi-skirt. Versatility is what the swimwear industry should be all about.

                               Arxipa-2019                                                                                       Victorias-Secret 2019

High-cut Bottoms:

This swimsuit silhouettes is just about everywhere. From your Instagram feed to the IRL pool, high-cut bottoms á la 1989 are taking over. Sure, the revealing cut may be a bold move for some, but for those who are down to take a little fashion risk, this leg-lengthening silhouette is ultra-flattering and unapologetically sexy.

Lace-Up Accents - 1

            Victorias-Secret 2019

Lace-Up Accents : Swimwear for 2019 is getting all tied up. String ties and lace-up details abound, giving even the simplest classic one-piece swimsuits a shot of sexy

                                          Gottex                                                                                   Beach-Riot 

Square Necklines : We’ve seen square necks on everything from flippy dresses to puff-sleeve tops so naturally, the straight-across neckline is now making a splash in swimwear. This sleek silhouette looks great in any color–and makes a perfect partner for a high-waisted skirt or shorts if you’re on vacay.

Animal Print - 1

 Victorias-Secret 2019

Animal Print:

Yup, it’s back. (Or, well, was the animal print trend ever really out?) Whatever the case, leopard- and cheetah-spotted swimwear is here in full force. Plus, take note of a new print on the rise: snakeskin.

 Nude Hues - 1

  Candice Swanepoel Tropic of C

Nude Hues :

This year, ditch the neon color palette in favor of something more subtle, like say, your skintone. Simmer into this subtly sexy trend that’s as minimalist as it is modern.

Knots and Ties - 1


Knots and Ties: Apparently, knots are in. From dainty bows to strappy wrap styles to super-flattering waist ties, getting tied up is suddenly a fashion movement.


Candy Stripes:

Classic lines are getting a colorful makeover this season. Bikinis and one-piece bathing suits with multi-color stripes are an easy way to brighten up for warmer weather–and since the linear thing really never goes out of style, this swimwear 2019 trend will last you well past one season.

Off the shoulder - 1


Off the shoulder :

It is here to stay, If you thought you’d seen every blogger in the city (and instagram) with an off-the-shoulder blouse by now, well get ready for more. Swimwear designers have doubled down on bare shoulders and ruffles.

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