Nykaa opens second retail space in Hyderabad

February 15, 2023 written by
nykaa hyderabad

Nykd by Nykaa, the lingerie, athleisure and sleepwear brand, has opened its second, physical retail space in Hyderabad’ Sarath Capital City Mall. Focused on immersive, engaging and tech-led shopping experiences, the store features cutting-edge products spread across a 550 sq ft. area.

nykaa hyderabad

This store is another avenue for Nykd to pursue it’ mission of supporting the highs and lows of a woman’ journey, by helping her navigate at least one area of her life with convenience, her intimate wear.

Being comfortable in your own skin and being able to choose what’ comfortable on your skin is woven into the fabric of Nykd. Offering today’ globalised, informed and evolved consumers, second skin comfort, the store provides a 360 degree intimate wear experience.

In India, women are still conservative when it comes to lingerie. Traditionally, women have never spoken about their bras and this can be attributed to under-developed retail, complicated categories, and cultural taboo on related topics that have made conversations extremely difficult. Choosing a bra that is right should not be such an intimidating or confusing journey and yet a majority of women still struggle.
We have consciously worked towards these barriers by introducing tools such as the Bra Advisor, that helps them figure out their right size and fit, derived from an AI based algorithm coupled with no questions asked return policy. Another thing we do is leverage our social handles to drive a continuous dialogue on all things lingerie, in an effort to normalise the conversation and also understand the key concerns that consumers are facing.

Wearing wrong bras does not merely compromise your comfort but can lead to neck and shoulder pain and even more health related issues. The right bra —in size, comfort and fabric, gives you coverage and lift and as a result, makes you feel good about yourself. Healthwise, it gives you a better posture, it won’ dig into your breast tissue and feels like second skin.

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