One for Many, Unhooking the Multiway Bra

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Convertible bras are better known as multiway bras. These bras are a must in every bra closet, because they are versatile and truly support various attires and dressing styles. To elaborate, this style of bra is both conventional as it is unconventional. Such is the beauty of the design of the design; you can take off the straps and reattach them any time you want.

The straps have hooks so you can attach and reattach them in different ways to make the bra suitable for every kind of clothing. With a multiway bra you do not have to worry about the straps showing when you don’t want them to or the bra playing peek-a-boo when you are wearing a sheer dress or a backless attire.

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Let’s look into the stylistic angle of a multiway bra and decipher its functionality a little in depth.


The strap configurations with which you can play around, in case of a multiway bra will normally depend on the type of bra you get. The variations are generally subject to the brand and its design style. So, check before you buy and pick the one that offers you immense versatility in terms of strap configuration. As for the anatomy of the bra, the strap for these convertible bras holds the key to its styling variations. Numerous hooks and slots are present on the strap and bra, so you can do multiple permutation-combinations to wear the bra befitting your dress or attire. If the brand guidelines or instructions are good then you will be able to decipher the varied styling possible with your lingerie piece right on the box. If the information is inadequate then you will have to try out for yourself and decipher the best ways in which you can style your multiway bra.

Here are some common and uncommon strap options:

• Normal convertible bra always takes a classic bra shape, can be worn as a halter neck and crossover back style. However, not every multiway bra can go strapless or low back. This is a common thing to observe when buying a multiway bra. Usually the same bra won’t do both sets of tasks and you must be watchful of such styles.

• To use multiway bras as strapless staples you will need to buy the ones that have cups that are sturdy yet are not peaked at the top. Most importantly, the cups need to be firm so they can stay up without the straps.

• Most online sellers have started to experiment with the straps these days and at present they are bringing a different variety to the market. These multiway bras are actually redefining the strapless trend.

Owing to the hook position for these bras you can wear them easily with one shoulder dresses. The only difference between this style and other strapless or multiway bra style is that the hook and hold of the strap in these bras are way too ergonomic.

• Another important variation that you can achieve in these bras is the low back option. In case of this style, the bra comes ready with an extra strap that hooks into the back of your bra, instead of it doing up like it normally does.

• There are two main types of varying designs available in the market. In the first case, the bra strap hooks into the bottom of the bra and goes across your stomach to pull the back of the bra down. However, when a bra comes with multiple straps it does not always mean that it will go so low that even for the lowest cut in a backless dress it stays behind the dress hem. In order to be sure of this, you need to read the brand details and then confirm it to proceed.

• The second type of convertible has a low back converter strap with it. This goes onto the back fastening, crosses over and goes around your stomach. Again just like the other variation, you need to check before you buy just to be sure of the low cut details.



According to market experts, the global bra market is expected to gain revenue worth US$ 34,914.7 million by the end of 2026. The experts have mentioned that this growth will occur at a promising CAGR of 4.1 per cent during the forecast period of 2018 to 2026. The market has already started its growth journey and incidentally now is the time to analyse it a little closely. On close analysis, it has been revealed that several products and styles top the list, which is pulling the growth forward.

Among the various products, the growing demand for padded bras is expected to boost the global bra market. This is because globally women have become more conscious about their breast shapes and they want to wear padded bras in order to maintain the breast shape. Region wise, Asia Pacific is expected to account for a leading share in the global bra market in the coming years. This is attributed to the rising use of different types of bras coupled with increasing number of manufacturers in the region.

What is striking however, is that not only globally but back home too, women have become more conscious about their attire and with an increase in their purchasing power, they are looking to buy the right lingerie based on the occasions. Women belonging to the upper-middle and upper class strata, the experts have noted, are increasing their purchasing power mainly owing to their ability to differentiate between various brands. Thanks to which, several types of bras available in the market such as the nursing bra, sports bra, adhesive/stick-on bra, and multiway bra, are finding a separate niche in every woman’s wardrobe.

“Rising demand for comfort, increasing need for wearing clothes appropriate bra and growing consciousness among women is fuelling the demand for special bras like the multiway bra, which in turn is also boosting the bra market. The demand for multiway bras is phenomenal in India at present and customers are keen on buying these bras for their functional aspect. One bra can double up as different bras and courtesy of which you can keep this bra as a staple in your lingerie wardrobe. Be it Indian wear or western wear, this bra is good for all your attires,” explains Mr Puneet Grover, Brand Head, Floret Lingerie.

Further talking about Floret’s collection of multiway bras, he added, “Every brand should have a separate range of multiway bras in their kitty. This is because these are smart pieces that you can use to style many garments without any hiccup. Our collection of multiway bras is no different. We have seen the market growing over the years and the demand for multiway bras is certainly exponential and set to grow further.”

In a similar vein

Amante - 1

Ms Smita Murarka, Head of Marketing, Amante mentions, “Multiway bra is a fast growing segment in the Indian market. Western clothing is gaining wider acceptance and women are experimenting with trends like cold shoulder, off-shoulders, one-shoulder, lace panels, etc. Thus, to complement/support their outerwear fashion, multiway becomes the best choice. Multiway is one of the top 10 best sellers within Amante portfolio.”

Ms Kavita Mishra, Asst. Manager, Range Management-product, Amante, adds, “The modern Indian woman is today willing to pay a premium for solutions and functional products that solve daily challenges for them. They are investing in their outer appearance and have begun to understand the importance of quality lingerie in this equation.”


“Over the years, I have only seen the market for multiway bras increase at a steady pace. Even though my shop is fairly new, but I have been studying the bra market with proper attention for long now. Remarkably, I have seen the prospects for this one variant of bra increasing over the years,” mentioned Jyotsna Ghosalkar, owner of Lady World.

When asked about her sales experience of multiway bras she mentioned, “I cannot reveal numbers. But I stock only higher end brands, so you can obviously understand that brands like Enamor, Juliet, Floret, etc. has separate styles for multiway bras. These are fast selling and during summers and festivities the demand for these bras is certainly more. However, one thing I would like to mention here is that throughout the year women below 35 years of age do shop for multiway bras. I have sold much to the youth and it is a good sign.”

Mybra.jpg - 1

“Multiway bras for our brand is a new introduction. It has been well-received by the market. Perhaps the growing demand shows us that we should promote and acknowledge this product to attract more customers. These bras are highly functional and the ones we sell are affordable too and we sell it at INR 390 per piece. But any feedback regarding utility, we are not in a position to comment at present. It will take some time for us to get the feedback and know how far we have penetrated in terms of the product. But, I can mention one thing that our clients are liking the product as the same is attractively priced as compared to many other brands,” explains Mr Mohan Krishnan, the MD of MyBra.

The market is certainly hinting at newer dynamics and summer is an assurance that the multiway bra will hook to grow in leaps and bounds within the next few months. These analyses and expert opinion gives us a reality check of the good things awaiting the lingerie sector piggybacking on the figures and sales factors of multiway bras.

Brands to watch out for



Priced at INR 597 and above the collection of multiway bras from Amante is padded and wired, has demi cups, and comes equipped with detachable, fully adjustable straps. These are normally balconette bras, which can be turned in to strapless and multiway styles; lace detailing is also an added factor for these bras.

These are ideal for evening wear, strapless and halter, cross back, and off shoulder dresses. Their multiway can be worn in 6-7 unique ways (halter, strapless, one-shoulder, cross-back, cross-front, regular back, transparent straps) as per the wearer’s choice, with clean-finished side wings, which are more comfortable than what’s available in the market.



Priced at INR 269 and above, Floret’s collection of multiway bras is all about functionality and style. There are lacy details, a splash of colour, and extremely smart designs. Non-padded, non-wired, with seamless cups, the bras have a plunging front and are also lightly lined with a contoured shape. A perfect lingerie to don beneath any halter neck or strapless outfit or even strapless. You get two sets of detachable straps, one regular and the other transparent, with this bra. This entire collection of multiway bras is also available in printed fabrics, apart from the solid coloured, functional ones. So, courtesy of the vast collection you can choose what suits your taste.


Zivame 1

Zivame’s range of multiway bras offering medium or 3/4th coverage, could be your best friend forever.

Padded with sticky silicon lining on cups and band, balconette style wings, or smooth finished underwired strapless, are simply right for any kind of attire. The price range starts from INR 745 onwards.



Prices starting at INR 999 and above, the entire collection of multiway bras by Enamor is extremely stylish and sensual.

Floral prints, dark lacy makes, stylish front cuts and little detailing makes the collection very appealing.

You can wear the Enamor bras in umpteen ways starting from regular to the one strap way. With such promise of versatility, will you still want to buy a number of separate bras?



Lightly padded multiway T-shirt bra offers medium coverage and is wired giving good support. The lightly padded cups offer an enhanced shape and this bra is perfect for low necklines as well.

Crafted out of polyamide spandex with convertible straps, this bra comes at INR 1299. The Smooth Cup Strapless Bra from Triumph made out of 70 per cent Polyamide, 25 per cent Polyester and 5 per cent Elastane is wired and just right to don under any outfit.



Whether padded, lace padded, underwired, non-wired, lace, seamless and demi-shaped cups in cotton fabric or polyamide

Clovia offers a colourful bouquet of multiway bras. Suitable to wear beneath any Indian or western attire, these bras start from INR 799 and even have a trendy look.


Wacol - 1

From multiway bandeaus to basic mould strapless, Wacaol has something for everyone. Wired, lace, multiple back loop, cushioned lower bottom, are just some features comprising of this range from Wacoal. Elegant and chic in basic colours, these multiway bras start from INR 2,295 onwards, and have extremely smart designs.

This entire collection of multiway bras is available in printed details also, apart from the single coloured, functional ones. So, courtesy of the vast collection you can choose what suits your taste.



The brand offers a range of multiway bras that are wired for support and shaping and lightly padded cups that gives and enhanced shape and reduced show-through. Cups are no-show seamless double layered moulded and double layered and also brushed and soft tubing underwired to lift your silhouette.

Besides, the bigger the bra size the broader the back band there’s also a sewn-in pump for a little push-up for a natural lift. The price range starts from approximately INR 360.


Van Heusen 1

The brand’s ranges starts at INR 499 and offers a plethora of colours and sizes in the multiway bra.

Seamless, full coverage, ultra-fresh fabric for cups for support while also keeping you cool and provide contour and shape, while giving a perfect fit are some of the features of this product. There are also non-wired, padded options in this range.



Prices starting at INR 390 only, the entire collection of multiway bras by MyBra is extremely functional and practical in its make. The collection has been designed keeping the practical sensibilities of the customer in mind.

From women to young adults, every girl can fit into a multiway bra by this brand to ramp up the style quotient of the attire they are wearing. These bras are specially designed to lift up the feminine side of a woman and are perfectly suitable for every age group.



Available in several colours and sizes, VStar’s multiway bra is well designed for full chest coverage and wire-free comfort and come sat a reasonable price of INR 389.

It’s soft, adjustable straps rest comfortably on shoulders and leave no marks on your skin. Made out of cotton rich fabric, suitable for all day long wear comes with regular straps for added support and is ideal for wearing beneath T-shirts, kurtas., etc.


Pretty Secrets

The stylish and chic brand has an interesting range of convertible bras that you can don in several ways. Underwired, padded, demi’s, balconnette cups, medium or 3/4th coverage, backless with transparent straps, adjustable straps, and crafted out of 88 per cent polyester and 12 per cent Elastane, take your pick from these fancy ones.

A sure-shot wardrobe staple, the price range starts from INR 1099.



Candy skin

This young and fashionable brand has an underwired lightly padded bra for daily wear that offers full coverage and comes with seamless cups. Crafted out of 88 per cent Nylon and 20 per cent Spandex, it has transparent shoulder straps and offers all-day comfort at INR 999. The other product, Candyskin X MTV, is an antibacterial strapless bra made with moisture-control and sweat-absorbent technology to keep you non-itchy, cool and dry through the day.

This padded underwired bra gives you full coverage and complete support. Priced at INR 1599 in three different prints, don this bra with or without straps.

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