Panache introduces Panache Sport Campaign with #MYSIZE

April 5, 2020 written by

British lingerie brand Panache recently introduced a Panache Sport Campaign to encourage women of all sizes to step forward and embrace their true size rather than conform to ‘Small, Medium and Large’ sized sports bras.

With the campaign, the brand unveiled wired sports bras in 70 unique sizes so that women don’t have to compromise to find their perfect fit. According to the brand, the mission of this campaign is to show that everybody has their own unique size. “We are encouraging attending bra fittings to find your true size, understand your body and how it can change, and discover what it feels like to wear a perfectly fitting sports bra. Confidence and comfort is the way forward and it’s achievable with Panache Sport,” the brand added.


The company has insisted the consumers to carry forward the campaign by tagging them on Instagram @PanacheSport and using the #MYSIZE hashtag while doing any activity that they love, whether it’s walking the dog, lifting weights, going about your daily work or even lounging about on the weekend.

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