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There’s a disruption in the underwear industry…and it’s called Period Panties.
A hitherto ignored or stigmatized segment, it’s fast becoming a favourite among innerwear manufacturers. As women and girls step out more than ever now and they do not look at the ‘monthly period’ with disdain, brands have started manufacturing panties for those specific days. The rise of the period panties cannot be undermined and is only growing in India as well. LnL takes a peek into this very important segment of innerwear.

Periods have been a taboo topic in India for ages now and there’s a lot of stigma attached to it as well. However, in recent years, with education, awareness, and exposure to health aspects of this natural process, there has been a shift in the society’s mindset. This has led to a shift in the innerwear that women use during this phase. From cloth to regular sanitary pads, to tampons, we now have period panties, which are quite popular with girls and women.

What is so special about them?
So, what is so unique or special about period panties? For one, they are washable and hence reusable, making them an excellent eco-friendly option.

Available in various sizes and styles, from XS to L, and boy shorts to hipsters, the period panties market has boomed in the recent past. These panties have an extended leakproof lining for protection and are designed to prevent back and front staining. Moreover, the fabric is skin-friendly and breathable.

Delving deeper, period panties are those that are crafted out of a special material to keep leakage away and help in absorption as well. Most women are still into using the regular ‘use and throw’ sanitary pads, or even tampons. But period panties can be used for lighter days to even heavy flows. These panties come with an inner lining that keeps away stains while offering comfort to the wearer as well.


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