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May 10, 2018 written by

Andrés Sardá presents the Spring-Summer 2018 swimwear collection, a tribute to the hedonist, colourful and confident 1980s.

Titled ‘Pop it up’, the collection is inspired by distinctive elements that make the eighties such an unforgettable decade: the aerobics boom with Jane Fonda as one of the undisputed leading figure, the advent of video games, the birth of the music video that revolutionised that industry and the glamour of TV series.

After the show, the collection will be available both online and in the high street. And for the first time, Andrés Sardá embraces ‘see now, buy now’, the new paradigm in a fashion that has shook up the traditional seasonal release calendar with one goal in mind: getting the latest fashions to consumers in a much more immediate and efficient way, without the wait.

The first part of the collection is devoted to aerobics: an explosion of legwarmers, swimsuits and headbands, a nod to the world of sport with an emphasis on the contrast between colours and striped and polka dot prints. Yellow and blue dominate the very poppy, sporty looks with lots of graphic potential. Patent leather adds a touch of sophistication. Iconic Jane Fonda is one of the sources of inspiration for this part of the collection. The V-necks, crop tops and high briefs are the key elements.

Video games are the stars of the second part of the collection. Here, plastics in various tones and screen transparencies are emphasised in the swimwear. The suggestive combination of PVC and exposed skin is the queen of this series with very special pieces, like a body inspired by the legendary Tetris video game. Patent leather once again adds a special touch to the various pieces.

The third part of the collection is inspired by the birth of the modern music video as seen from the present day, with very eighties silhouettes, metallic fabrics and an imaginative palette that wallflowers should avoid, including a powerful metallic pink. The eyes are drawn to the very pronounced waist of the wearer. The silhouettes are sensual and the various looks high voltage. Nostalgia for the fabulous eighties is clear in the flared pants. It’s impossible not to think of pop gods ABBA and the eternal Grace Jones, fashion icons that go beyond music.

Those eighties TV shows that maxed out on style inspire the last part of the collection, with shades of gold and silver mixed with plastic and transparencies. These are some of the most spectacular looks of the season, reflecting the full-on glamour of stars of the small screen, including Joan Collins, one of the most glittering ladies in Dynasty. Plastic paired with black and metallic pieces in a puzzle-like composition create some of the most magical moments in the collection. Dominant colours are orange, prints, blue and yellow with black coupled with khaki.

To present the collection, Andres Sarda has collaborated with Rabat and Jeffrey Campbell, who are responsible for the jewellery and footwear respectively.

Andrés Sarda is a lingerie brand built on creativity, exquisiteness and innovative materials.

A family firm with roots in the 19th-century textile industry that has been able to adapt to the new times without renouncing the principles of quality and fashion in its swimwear and lingerie collections.A label designed for and by women whose raison d’être is comfort, style and feminine beauty.

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