Mega parks most likely to be set by the government

December 13, 2019 written by

A top official recently stated that the government was contemplating setting up of 10 integrated mega parks near ports to attract FDI (foreign direct investment). These mega parks would have state-of-the-art infrastructure as well.

Ravi Cooper, Textile Secretary, while addressing a conference said that there had been a ‘very good response’ for this proposal from state governments. He also said that as far as exports that cut across all segments are concerned, there were serious issues regarding India’s competitiveness and also, since the country is not so competitive, there’s the fear of all Free Trade Agreements.

Cooper also said that a country which was not competitive need not fear about anybody and that our fears were because of the fact that we know we won’t be able to sustain the onslaught of the most competitive country or that particular product.

While addressing a CII event recently, Cooper stated that the government was very seriously contemplating mega parks in this country, though limited and hence about 10; and compete with the best of the world. He added that they would provide integrated parks close to the port and when you say about China-US trade war, today, they are looking for places to invest. He also mentioned that to attract FDI and the government needs to provide this type of infrastructure to the global players as well as for also the country’s people.

Cooper stated that the country needs to create mega-brands in the textile sector and the ministry was working on all these issues, while highlighting the point that only if India is competitive globally, world-class manufacturing can take place,


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