Reduce or compress your tummy, thigh, and belly with this shape wear

February 19, 2019 written by

A shape wear that enhances your figure

Manufactured by Sagar products, Red Rose has invaded the lingerie market with its alluring, comfortable, stylish shape wear products.

Recently, the brand released four new products, which are totally skin friendly, are made up of eco-friendly colour and are comfortable. Besides, they are crafted out of breathable fabrics, made up of 100 per cent soft lycra cotton, with moisture wicking properties and can also be used after delivery.

Reduce or compress your tummy, thigh,

The body, tummy, and the thigh tummy corset are specially designed to compress the belly and thigh. While, the tummy reducer helps to reduce the size of the tummy.

Nevertheless, the four products are available in sizes—M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and in colours yellow and black. The price range for these starts from INR 450 and goes up to INR 1200.

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