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Salon International de la lingerie, models on ramp

We wanted to give our readers an overview of the most important trends driving design in Intimate Apparel as we move forward into 2018 showcased at the Salon International de la Lingerie fall 2017 show. Fabrics like lace, embroidery, tulle, mesh, sheer detailing  and garment structure are to be seen. Straps still prevail, enabling sheer fabrics to partake in a direction one might identify as body mapping. The impact of feminine crossover dressing is apparent in slips, “dresses” and corsetry. Even though the years roll by the timeless high waisted panties rocked the runway  along with wireless and triangle bras. The curvy category has finally expanded to offer this woman multiple fashion options. Casual or over the top, metallic highlights were evident. Sports bras continue their upswing with innovative construction. Color palettes are dominated by pink, pale roses, blues and green and nothing makes more of an impact than the use of yellow.Red and black as always and lots of nude mixed with color. In fact, nude takes on a fashion life of its own, ranging from blush pinks to toffee and cappuccino. The best prints showed movement and of course, there were flowers, but it was how they were used that mattered. The key to all of this is the juxtaposition of fabrics, prints, colors and attitude.  It is difficult to separate the trends as they seem to blend together to tell an entirely new story in lingerie; a story of unexpected beauty and creative thought.

Colour Me Fall-1 Colour Me Fall-2 Colour Me Fall-3

Colour Me Fall

Spaghetti Straps And Ladylike Silhouettes on the Fall 2017 runways show us how to take our favourite boudoir basics out on the town. When it comes to colors, we all know the usual Fall/Winter favorites — namely, black and red. The former has been a lingerie staple for decades, and the latter is one of the most popular colorways for Christmas and Valentine’s Day alike. So the fact that many designers are incorporating variations on black, scarlet, rust, burgundy, and other deep red tones is no great surprise. However, the next big colorway for Fall/Winter is blue, usually midnight blue or navy blue, and very often combined with black, as you can see from the sampling of designers below. Navy is such an elegant colour; it really speaks to refinement and luxury.  It’s sumptuous,



Another major color trend for F/W 2017  as seen at salon de la lingerie is shades of neutral or nude. Beige, blush, cream, cappuccino, peach, and tan.

Floral Prints Blooming

Floral Prints Blooming

Floral bras aren’t anything new as a lingerie fashion trend. Florals are one of the prints that are always on trend all year round. To make the chillier temps a bit more bearable, embrace fall’s freshest florals. This season’s buds are anything but sweet.  Whether they’re in a patchwork effect, printed, embroidered or painted.


Stripe Pyjamas

Stripe Pyjamas

Consider it an evolution of the deconstructed, supersized shirts we’ve seen on and off the runway for a few seasons; where those often came in starchy, wrinkle-prone poplin and more or less hid your curves underneath, a silk or satin button-down in classic pj stripes hangs on the body in a louche, sexy way. The Luna Di Seta silk pyjama cut wide on the legs and flow. It still has that menswear-with-a-twist vibe and is just as easy to wear with jeans or under a slip dress—but we like it even better paired with matching silk pants.

Embroidered Cups

Embroidered Cups
Cups with little twists in the style/embellishments spices things up. Sheer bras but also fun with its brightly colored yet subtle embroideries are still on trend since 2016. The trend offers color variations from bright yellow hues to dark greens and blues on the same concept from season to season, with embellishments is a good way to do something different without stepping too far from your comfort zone.

Boudoir Corsets & bodysuits-1 Boudoir Corsets & bodysuits-2 Boudoir Corsets & bodysuits-3

Boudoir Corsets & bodysuits
Bodysuits have become the most flexible outfit on the fashion scene. Heavy beading, metallic embroidery and intricate corset construction are big trends since 2015 and is still rocking the runway this fall 2017 at the Salon International de la Lingerie. Mesh, transparency, cut-outs, barebacks, lace and embroidery are to be seen ruling the runway at Salon International de la Lingerie.

Pastel Alert -1

Pastel Alert
Pastel colors are totally in for the fall and winter seasons of the year, looking positively fabulous in their softer, more muted hues that really bring out the definition of winter. While the fall generally reminds us of more vivid, vibrant coloring, the winter months are snow laden, soft and cool, with barely a smidge of warmth that may be received from the rays of the sun that peeks through the grey clouds blotting out the beauty of the sky. While we have gotten used to believing that the innocence of the pastel hues is more for the warmer months, with the gentle nature, belying spring beauty, baby blues and dusty pinks, pretty lilacs and muted yellows make it into the fall/ winter 2017 color trends with quite a bit of focus, bringing the chic and the sophisticated in with the beautiful fall and winter collections. From Fleur Pois, Vanity Fair, Lou and more.

Slip Dresses

Originally thought to be a fleeting trend, the slip dress is now a wardrobe staple as seen on fashion bloggers and celebrities that can be worn at home or as outerwear. An ivory floor-length slip makes for a dreamy. The Luna Di Seta delicate silk slip seen on the runway is simply exquisite, and designed by the renowned Italian silk nightwear company. The slip features flattering v-neck, and a very flattering cut perfect for the feminine figure. It can be worn as a classy nightdress but also makes a very practical slip.

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