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Bra adjusters allow you to adjust the shape and structure of your bra. To ensure a good fit, one has to adjust the small adjuster buckles to their liking and tone the shape of the bra, so that there is no cringe or discomfort. Earlier, brands like Wacoal used to add the adjuster at the front, unlike today when adjusters are put at the back. However, women started to complain about the bulk that’s when brands began to integrate the adjusters at the back. Many brands mention that aesthetically back adjusters look classy and define the style of the bra. On the other hand, some brands and designers based on the strap size or width position the adjusters at various nodes, especially on the front if it is a lacy piece. Thus, there is no one way of adding adjusters to the bras. Rather, we come back to the question of ‘why bra adjusters are put at back?’ or should we say, ‘Is it also okay to have bra adjusters on the front?’ Here’s what our designers have to say.

Shikha Sengupta

Shikha Sengupta, Homemaker

Taking care of her family’s shopping needs over the years have made her proficient with ‘what suits each one’. With changing ideals of fashion and style she has also grabbed up the changes and has altered her knowledge of shopping garments and innerwear. In doing so, she has changed the way in which she looked at lingerie as well. When asked about bra adjusters she had a great insight to share with us.

Firstly, we were introduced to the concept of bra in an age when cotton bras ruled the market. Adjusting a cloth bra was more or less out of question and most of the times the bras did fit too tightly or was left too loose.

Then came the generation of stylish bras, which had the right design and characteristics, along with a comfort make. But all of us who have been wearing Indian clothes had a problem adjusting to most bra brands. This is because we didn’t know how to adjust our bra to our comfort so that they are less visible.

Today, most brand outlets have bra experts who adjust your bra to your fitting right at the time of buying. However, how do we adjust it at home? Either you will have to do it before wearing or ask someone to do it when you are wearing the bra. I feel a little uncomfortable with the notion and bra adjustment at the same time is a must for a saree wearer.

That’s when I feel why brands can’t implement the adjusters at the front. That way it is easier to fit a bra as per your liking each time you feel it needs to get back in position. I think many woman will speak in unison with me on this front.

Achla Sawant

Achla Sawant, Senior Lingerie Designer

Achla Sawant is lingerie professional and has been working in the industry since the last 16 years. Proficient in innerwear, leisure/sleep wear, home wear, and sportswear markets Achla has worked with a list of International and national brands over the years. She is also an avid writer and a published poet. Her first book ‘The Midnight Telegrams’ got published in December 2018. A holistic view for everything, Achla speaks her mind regarding bra adjusters.

Fit, form, and design are three important aspects of a bra. If we go back to the traditional woven bras there was no element of design involved and also strap sliding was a pain. Because of this as a woman it made sense to have adjusters in the front for ease of usage. However in today’s time, adjusters at the back make sense as lingerie design has come way forward than before. The elements of design today are incorporated and extended from bra cups to shoulder straps to make bras look like a piece of art and that’s why the adjusters at the front would only restrict the design extension and make bras look bulky!

Technically adjusters are for ease; hence it does not make any difference in terms of fit whether you put it in the front or at the back.

Shikha Valecha

Shikha Valecha, Assistant Manager Lingerie Designer

Van Heusen intimates, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd

Conceptualizing and designing lingerie for years now. Shikha in her varied designing roles with brands like Pretty Secrets, Sonari, ZeppleMe, and now Van Heusen has identified and attached trend forecasts and market analysis to define the key collection elements for her designs. Starting from themes, category, and width to fabrics, she is in charge of her designs. Over the years she has managed activities across the entire spectrum of product development lifecycle – ranging from finishing designs and spec sheets, to developing final prints to carrying out sample fits. Her diverse knowledge about the retail side of the industry along with the design part makes her a pro and she talks about bra adjusters from her understanding for us.

I think technically bras adjusters should be put at the back of the straps. This way it can provide utmost support and comfort. Aesthetically from design perspective, the back adjusters conceal the look and impart a smooth comfortable look not only at the back, but also at the front as well.

Unless the adjusters have some design elements to it where the customer would like to show it off or if they are in contrast or match the clothing they are wearing, bra adjusters for me should go at the back. However, it has always been a controversy over adjuster placements in straps. The back adjusters not only provide the support but also keep the back aligned to the front.

When put in the front the adjusters can harm the shoulder, result in to an ill-fitting back, and leave marks in case someone has a sensitive skin.

Customers also have an option of wearing bras with detachable straps. So, it’s always up to individuals’ and their body type as to what they prefer. At last being a designer and lingerie lover, it’s my humble request to all the wearers to make sure however they are adjusting their bras, the back of the bra should be straight and parallel to the ground and in level to their front. An intimate provides utmost confidence only when worn correctly.

Ishita Pal

Ishita Pal, Senior year fashion student at Amity University

Having a close knack for style, Ishita chose to study fashion to get up close and personal with fashion and style. During her course of study, her understanding for fashion has become more refined and she now approaches it with more practicality. She believes her style ideas will improve the landscape of fashion over time. She is confident that her design sense is closer to people and their reality. From that perspective she interprets the idea of bra adjusters for us.

Why are strap adjusters on the back of the bra strap instead of in the front? It is actually a good question.

Think about it. Like why not, as it makes perfect sense that the strap adjuster should be placed in the front on bras. It would make putting on a bra easier because the straps could quickly be let out to get them on our shoulders. But I feel nowadays when everyone wants t-shirt bras, and when no one wants seams from a bra to show through their body hugging dresses, it’s the same with the strap adjuster.

If it’s in front, we will have a bump that would be visible under clothing. And moreover these days it’s all about the aesthetics and overall design of the bra. If there is a design element on the cup, we can see it will continue up the strap like for lacy bras and all. Also there are few designs where the shape of the bra straps is different. For example, start them wide where they attach to the bra cup and then taper them up to your shoulder area.

These designs would never work with a strap adjuster. In these cases, the strap adjustment needs to be in the back. And I feel it is more attractive if all the hooks and adjusters are in the back.

Hitashree Kumar

Hitashree Kumar, Lingerie designer

An experienced designer with a demonstrated history of working in the fashion and lingerie industry, Hitashree has worked closely with renowned brands over the years. Skilled in research and development (R&D), trend forecasting, fashion illustration, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and textiles, she has defined many product styles. A coveted arts and design professional with a bachelor of fashion designing focused in Fashion/Apparel Design from Modart international, Hitashree believes in breathing life into designs. Here’s her take on bra adjusters.

Years ago, the strap adjustment was always on the front of a bra. But, unlike today’s adjusters, it was rather bulky.  Women complained about it showing under tops so the industry moved them to the back.

When the new adjusters became popular, the industry never moved them from back to front. But this is just not it; there are many other reasons to why the adjusters are at the back. More and more bras now have fancy straps at the front of the bra. For example if there is a lace panel on the cups of the bra, you will see some part of the lace extended up the strap. There are many times when the shape of the front strap is different than the back strap.  For example, start them wide where they attach to the bra cup and then taper them up to your shoulder area.

These design options would never work with a strap adjuster.  In these cases, the strap adjustment needs to be in the back. Secondly, It is the common opinion of the industry that when looking at a bra, it is more attractive if all the hooks and adjusters are in the back.

In this age of t-shirt bras, when no one wants seams from a bra to show through their form-fitting clothing, the strap adjuster gets the same scrutiny.  If it’s in the front, you will have a bump that would be visible under the clothing.


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