Sonari Invites Retailers To Unwrap New Manufacturing Facility

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Sonari logo_lace n lingerieSonari, the leading innerwear brand from Mumbai had much recently hosted a factory visit, to their state of the art factory set up at Bhiwandi. Through the last 40 years, the company has journeyed from strength to strength, and this new inclusion adds a bigger feather on their hat. Owing to the factory launch, the company invited around 150 retailers from the state, to unwrap the manufacturing process in front of them. Sonari, all in a day’s time welcomed the enthusiastic visitors and unfolded the entire process of lingerie making in front of the retailers.

The unique event was completely enriching and Dipesh Kubadia, Director, Sonari, had taken this opportunity to personally explain the workings of the factory to the curious bunch. The retailers were divided into small groups and each group was assigned a team leader who showed them around the factory.

After the informative proceedings, the event was wrapped up with a heart-warming lunch spread. Apart from highlighting the day to day factory functions, the retailers where also given a sneak preview into the upcoming products of the company. The event has not only set up an example for the intimate wear industry but has been extremely successful too, and this we understood from talking to a few of the retailers present that day. Here’s what they have to say.

Ankit Modi (Avani): Ankit Modi_lace n lingerieThe factory visit was really a very insightful event for us. We were for the first time invited for such an interesting tour. The experience was not only knowledgeable but enriching too. We have carried forward a lot of information from the visit with us and in future will implement the same in our day to day experiences. It gives us retailers an edge to know, how the manufacturing of what we are selling is done and also gives us the advantage to see the newer developments happening in the industry. From start to the end, we were walked through the entire process. Be it the hooks, stitches or understanding the rejection process. We got to experience everything in entirety.

Mahesh R. Kubadia (Jinal)Mahesh Bhai_lace n lingerieThe best takeaway of this factory visit was definitely getting to know the facilities of manufacturing. Sonari has a top of the line stocking and manufacturing system. It is neat and very polished. Going through the same was inspiring and made us genuinely happy too. According to me more brands should pick up hints from Sonari’s effort and take the retailers on such educative tours. these sort of experience helps us to get an idea of the entire manufacturing process and of course gives us the right backbone to sell better. We can convince the customer, make them understand how genuine the product they are buying is. When we have the clarity to know what we are selling we can undoubtedly sell better.


Vasant (Just Lady) Vasant_lace n lingerieFor the first time some brand has taken this initiative to introduce the retailers to the behind the scene story of manufacturing. And we really thank Sonari for the effort and considering us a part of their extended family. Mostly brands think, that revealing their manufacturing story will be like revealing their trade secrets. But on the other hand Sonari was completely transparent and not only did they show us the manufacturing procedures but, also did specially show us how they handle mistakes and rejections. They really deserve a big applaud for all their effort. This sort of a visit definitely proves beneficial for us, as understanding the training process and the groundwork at the factory helps us to train our staff, so that they can share the knowledge with the customers. And this visit has truly created a soft corner for brand Sonari, for us.


Sunil Gada  (Romantic)
Sunil Gada_lace n lingerieThe Sonari factory visit was like taking a trip to an International set up. the company has truly made a mark, by hiking up the standards of manufacturing intimate wear in our country. Apart from being the first to bring an edge to the manufacturing processes, Sonari is also the first brand to have invited the retailers to witness the insights of manufacturing. We had a superb time and completely lived the moments of the visit. They have set such a paradigm shift, that today no brand can just think of setting a intimate wear manufacturing unit, without taking a lesson from them. They did show us how from an idea the entire manufacturing is proceeded through proper techniques and detail. it was an interesting experience and helped us understand every detail in depth from fabrics to stitches to the machinery used for the same.

Sanjay Bhai (Akshaya) : Sanjay Bhai_lace n lingerieThe question of comparison comes when you have visited something similar or likewise before. But for us, taking a tour of the Bhiwandi factory of Sonari was a first time experience. What we have seen so far is mostly small workshop set ups , which stand nowhere close to what Sonari has built. From the grand welcome to taking us around the factory, we were quite impressed by what we saw. They have an extremely smart set up, which is organised quite aesthetically. From planning each segment of the manufacturing carefully to organising the raw material piles categorically they have even made space for the waste very sustainably too.  A spick and span set up, Sonari makes way for an unmatched new trend among local lingerie brands.


This is a preview article, Stay tuned for the April  2016 Issue of Lace n Lingerie to read the entire article.

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