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Celebrities don’t shy away from flaunting the sports bra when hitting the gym. This has become so much of a trend factor that this has become the paparazzi’s most talked about ‘gym look’. It’s good to derive inspiration from the celebs, but it is also important to take a closer look at the market dynamics of sports bra. The global Sports Bras market is valued at 6300 million US$ in 2018 and will reach 14200 million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 10.7% during 2019-2025. On the home front, “women’s sportswear market in India has evolved significantly over the last couple of years. The industry has witnessed rapid growth, driven by growth in income levels, changing lifestyles and the entry of foreign brands. The change can be accredited to global athleisure trends.

Internationally, sportswear has a major influence on fashion overall because of the popularity of sports among the younger generation.

What used to be a niche segment, exclusively aimed at sportspersons has now evolved into a full-fledged consumer sector. Growth is spurred by a rapid shift away from regular bras to the far more comfortable sports bra for all occasions except perhaps the most formal wear. Brands have invested in high-quality technology and textured materials to develop leading-edge absorbency and flexibility of their bras. Specifically, the sports bra market in India is seeing an upward trend with a lot of scope. The next few years are looking very exciting for this sector,” explained Shweta Verma – Head of Marketing, Triumph Intl., India and Sri Lanka.

Sports bra benefits

From ramp to boardroom to red carpet, sports bra has now become the talk of the town and is ready to slay the fashion world like no other. But unlike its lacy counterpart, sports bra is beneficial and provides a healthy orientation to the body in a large number of ways. Here’s what it entails:

• They allow you to stay comfortable even when you are engaged in a rigorous activity like exercise, stretching, jogging, etc.

• It works as a support system, allowing you to stay in motion without experiencing a pain.

• Unlike normal bras, sports bras suture in other innovations making it more trendy and fit for the occasion.

• Sports bras have been medically tested and are highly scientific. Owing to this fact, you can wear them for longer hours maybe the whole day without suffering an itch.

Innovation in sports bra

Body Care - 2

As soon as the concept of comfort got tied to sports bra, brands around the globe started to experiment and innovate this style to bring in more oomph. SwearIt, known as the world’s most innovative sports bra has designed the ultimate sports bra for women that is supportive, comfortable, adjustable and fashionable and has a radiation-shielding cell phone pocket!

In similar vein, Reebok launched the PureMove sports bra last year. In an effort to make comfort synonymous to every movement, the brand tied in NASA technology with superior make to craft this one-of-a-kind lingerie piece. Reebok, earlier in a report had specified that owing to the comfort factor, women tend to wear sports bra everywhere. But one kind does not fit for all activities and there are diverse movements that one undertakes through the day. Thus, to support you for every occasion you will need a separate style for each activity. With this intent, Reebok has designed PureMove that perfectly supports diverse movements of the human body. When asked whether women in India are ready to accept innovation and style in sports bra, Shweta Verma mentioned, “We have seen (in the past) that consumers may not be very conscious about the perfect attire for casual physical activities such as walking or jogging. However, for more serious activities like gym, yoga, and various sports, they prefer to wear specific functional sportswear, featuring the latest innovations. Whatever the motivation is, style driven women want to look and feel great while being active. However, choosing a right sports bra is important as apart from looking good, the bra should be supportive, comfortable and lightweight. There are a number of different sports bra designs that can be found in the market today. The athleisure trend is here to stay because it provides significant health benefits. Improvements in comfort provided by sports bras have extended their use to all day. Sports bras represent a breakthrough in innovation and will likely completely replace traditional bras. Consumers who look for these qualities in sports bra are ready to embrace innovations and the premium price tag that comes with them. Not all sports are the same, and the same rule applies to sports bras. Whether it is cardio, cycling, running, yoga or other high or low intensity workouts, the top rule is that sports bras should reduce bust movement or ‘bounce’ while at the same time not restricting your overall movements. They should also be lightweight and functional as well as breathable. Consumers now are also displaying an inclination towards buying sportswear that has innovations such as new fabric finishes, moisture wicking fabric, sun-protection, environmental-friendliness, etc.”

Fitting in to every closet

“The sports bra segment is a growing market at a CAGR of 20%, all the major brands are operating in this category. More than innovation the push is towards comfort and staying easy while performing a range of activities. Innovation like moisture management techniques and plated fabrics/ more technical fabrics are always connected with this segment and these innovative trends are fashion driven also,” mentions Sheela Kochouseph, Managing Director, V-Star Creation Pvt Ltd.

Work out attire needs to be sweat free and have better wicking technology, so that it can absorb moisture round the clock. “People have become more health conscious now and women are ready for innovation. They spend hours in the gym or doing heavy fitness training. Thus, to be highly comfortable during this high impact regime they need high impact sports bras,” explains Mr. Puneet Grover, Brand head, Floret Lingerie.

“A sports bra is almost an outerwear. It’s no more hidden. Consumers want to flaunt the details. Also, they would like to see more designs and patterns which make them appear new every day. And every new detail can attract customer as it enhances the feel and creates a different image,” adds Rajinikanth Reddy, Chief Design, Lovable Lingerie Limited.

Factors driving the market

“With increasing awareness about health, fitness industry has seen immense growth over last 5 years in India. Women have become aware about the importance of right active gear to support their workout and choosing good sports bras to suit their workout styles. We have seen Lingerie brands strengthen their sports bras to meet this increasing demand in the market,” mentions Miss Smita Murarka, head of Marketing, Amante.

Market research shows that social media’s gaining prominence, every individual’s growing health consciousness, and the rise of lifestyle-related problems have opened up the market for sports bra in the last few years. The market is sweating out its shortcomings and strengthening its position every single day. In an effort to become synonymous to comfort coupled with innovation, every brand is trying out newer styles and better designs. What was once just a simple bra style is today a futuristic segment of the lingerie industry.



Triumph - 2

As a maker of lingerie since 1886, we at Triumph have a heritage of insight into what women truly want. Based on best-selling fits and consumer demands, we have a specialized range of sports bras in a range of key fits that make it easy to find the perfect sports bra for any shape. Triaction by Triumph is a stylish, high-performance sportswear collection that gives modern women the freedom to train how and when they like. Boasting the best bounce control levels on the market, offering five versatile fits and ensuring superior comfort, Triaction can support women effortlessly throughout the day, on the go, from the gym or studio in complete style. Our highly innovative sports bras are bounce control tested and certified by world-renowned research group in breast health at the University of Portsmouth. Our latest range includes best-selling sports bra such as Magic Motion, Extreme Lite, Hybrid Lite, and Free Motion that offer high functionality and innovation to meet the specific needs of sports activities.

These high performance bras are lightweight but functional and breathable, with special attention paid to softness to ensure comfort in all components. One of our best-sellers, the Magic Motion sports bra provides the highest bounce control – up to 83% combined with the most comfortable fabrics. Magic Motion gives support of a wire, and the cups features air innovation fabric for superior breathability. Additionally, the bra will help you stay dry with bacteria-reducing fabric & moisture management on the back.

Triumph - 1

Triumph’s Hybrid Lite sports bra is also one of the popular products that provides extreme support and maximum lightness. The fabric is elastic and made with Lycra which guarantees unique freedom of movement. The slightly padded cups made with innovative Spacer Cup technology provide shaping without adding volume and the versatile 3D power straps are foam padded and fully adjustable at the front.

This bra has 3 layers of bounce control for extreme support, versatility and lightness. Moreover, the optional crossover strap feature at the back gives added support and the antibacterial quality is suitable for sensitive skin. Triaction by Triumph sports bras are combination of trendy design, colours and ideal fitness accessory for active women.


Sports bra used to be just one of those must-have styles in any sophisticated lingerie brand till now. Whereas Lovable had a sub-brand Activa, right when the brand was launched in India, in 1996. There used to be Medium & amp; Low impact sports bras with super-soft fabrics. And after launching a separate Activewear brand Lovable Sport, we are manufacturing fully functional sports bras in wide range of material and fits.


Under the Lovable Sport segment the brand produces High, Medium and Low impact sports bras to cater to different segments like, Gym, Combat, Yoga, Zumba, Running etc. the best sellers for the brand are:

1. Energy Bra

2. Advaita Bra

3. Vitality Bra

4. LTE sports bra

5. Mantra Sports bra

These sports bras are a blend of different impacts and different fits to cater different segments. The raw material used to construct these functional sports bras are of superior quality breathable PU pads, Imported Polymide fabrics and fine nets with 8-way stretch and Reflective branding.



Amante carries a range of sports bras – low impact, medium impact & high impact – for different physical activities. These bras are technically strong and provide ample support to women during workouts.

Their styling carries features like:

• Front-open for ease of wearing

• Reversible with easy slip-on construction

• Racerback to support back movements

• Breathable padding to give modesty without adding bulk

• Moisture wicking fabrics to wick the sweat away


Juliet’s sports bra helps you to carry out high impact activities easy.


The bra allows you to have a seamless look under T-shirts while you are sweating it out at the gym and the pad in it prevents bounce, while the bra clings to your body like a second skin which makes it easy to wear.


This brand’s sports bra range caters to the beginners’ domain. While the brand is planning to come with more functional cotton base sports bras which will be ideal to use and suitable for the varied climatic conditions in India, for now the star products are.

V-star - 1

It’s not just its sheer comfort and softness that make Denice special. Made from superior cotton stretch fabric that provides additional support to bust line during sports activities, this sports bra offers maximum comfort while minimizing breast movement. A crop top style–sports bra, Denice has double-layered front panels that provide support for low impact activities like walking and yoga. Perfect in more ways than one as a beginner bra, Denice comes in attractive patterns with a comfortable front neck and streamlined racer back shaping, rendering it suitable to wear under any outfit.

V-star - 2

Akin to Denice, Aline is made from superior cotton stretch fabric that provides maximum support to bust line. A comfort front-open sports bra in essence, it has extra wide straps that stay on shoulders to help reduce back strain along with seamless cups that are lined and free of padding. A superior comfort bra for women of all shapes, Aline comes in patterns that also suit elderly women, making it perfect as an everyday wear.



Add more style to your workout attire with the highly comfortable and fashion-forward Floret sports bra range. Whether you want to enrol for a kickboxing class or simply want to hit the gym, Floret with its range of sports bras makes you ready for the sweat and action. Making use of elastane fabric the mould of these bras are sturdy and you can wear them with comfortably throughout the day without any discomfort.



The Nike sports bra range features sweat-wicking fabric with a mesh panel for added breathability. Its X-back design lets you move freely, while moulded cups offer shaping and support. Available in a number of ranges like Breathe, Swoosh, Indy, and more all cover various segments and intensity of workout. While all guarantee extreme comfort and style, but the movement, stretch, and support promised by each design is different and unique of the style you choose to buy.


Made of cotton elastane stretch fabric, the sports bra range by Jockey aims to provide superior comfort & maximum Stretch. Soft cushioned hook & eye for comfort & wider straps for extra support are the added features of these bras. You can choose from racer back bras with light & soft foam padding or the basic slip-on varieties.


The unique design & soft bottom band for these bras helps keep the bust firmly in place. Also these are kept label free for all day comfort. Thus, making it perfect for gym wear & athletic wear, which you can comfortably add to your wardrobe to make it a part of your active lifestyle.



Made using 88% recycled polyester and 12% elastane, the Adidas range of sports bras boast of a soft, lightweight fabric that moves moisture away from your skin. The brand mentions that these bras are your workout’s secret weapon. They are designed with gentle compression for light support. An exposed elastic band under the bust wicks moisture and creates a comfortable fit. Few designs in the range feature a twist-strap design in back. It’s made from Climalite fabric to wick away sweat and features a cutout in front to help keep you cool and comfortable.



Puma’s range of sports bras is segmented in to three categories. Versatility, balance, and control are the segments from which you can select your pick based on the activity you are engaged in. Your work out frequency and capacity will help you determine your choice. So, pick your choice depending on the intensity of work out. Well-contoured cups, thick adjustable straps, racer back construction, mesh for breathability, and plush skin friendly fabrics make the entire range of bras by Puma a must-have in your wardrobe.


Extra support & no digging in to the skin, this is what the sports bra range from Sonari promise. Slip-on style bras, the entire collection boasts of superior skin- friendly cotton make. This promotes comfort and allows you to conduct easy movement without experiencing any unease. Most importantly the bras feel like a second skin.


These are mostly medium impact sports bras designed to prevent bounce. To promote stretch the brand uses elastane blended fabric for superior construction.



Non-Padded and wire free the sports bra range by Enamor is stellar both in terms of style and comfort. Specially lined for support and lift these bras are categorised as low, medium, and high impact designs. The mesh top panel in most designs ensure breathability and support. While the ultra-stretch wicking fabric enables ease-of-movement. The racer back detail and soft bindings adds to the comfort factor.



Front zip, racer back, adjustable straps and comfortable fabrics define the entire range of sports bras from brand Zivame. The collection comes in bold and bright colours crafted into sombre neutral colours. It is made from 100% polyester with a two way stretch for you to workout with ease! Also the bras are engineered sing super soft fabric, that are breathable and adds more comfort when put next to your skin.


Brand MyBra has 4 prominent designs in Sports bra category. These are Tiana, Priyanka, Preetha, and Irene. All these products are in very good demand throughout South India.


They are available in 12 colours. These are non-padded bras made of 100% hosiery cotton. The thick fabric make of this range holds the bust firmly during rigorous movement, while the elastic straps confirm fluidity and ease. The imported hook and eye structure adds more style to this range.


Body Care - 1

The robust sports bra range from Bodycare brings in moving comfort and unconditional support for your needs. Soft, seamless cups with slim, concealed pads reduce friction and make for the perfect grip. Broad straps hold you in sheer comfort as you go about your exercise routine with complete ease.

Range of Sports Lingerie

Just as sports bras are not the only innovative yet stylish lingerie pieces, let’s tell you there’s more in store. Innovation and efficiency now extends to your other underwear counterparts too. Here’s what you can lay your hands on

Temperature Regulating Panties

These panties, brought to the market by popular brands, they not only wick away sweat, but also when your body heats up they slow evaporation. So your body holds onto heat longer when you’re cold.

Fast-Drying, Odour-Free Underwear

Odour-resistant, moisture-wicking capabilities, supports quick-drying. This means they are not only great for the gym, but they’re ideal for outdoor activities as well.

Anti-Chafing Shorts

Made with quick-drying microfiber, these shorts have mesh panels down the side for added temperature control. Plus, the wider waist and leg bands help them stay in place. These shorts protect you from chafing and thus, allow you to stay on guard through all your fitness activities.

Super Stretchy Thongs

Seamless and tagless thongs, these are super stretchy twins of the original thongs. You can toss or tumble, but never have to fear the thongs crumbling causing you unease.


Laser-cut and seamless for optimal comfort, these innovative shorts by UnderArmour sit where it should, supporting you through your extensive work out sessions. Made from a nylon and spandex blend, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry too.

Breathable Bamboo Underwear

Underwear that makes you feel like its super soft, breathable, antibacterial, thermo-regulating, and moisture-wicking.

Padded Underwear For Cycling

Built-in with a pad that’s antibacterial and provides a comfortable cushion between your butt and the bike seat is just what you need for hours of cycling. Thanks to innovation now you can buy these perfect pair of padded underwear and flaunt it without feeling any discomfort owing to the pad. The yoga-inspired waistband on these shorts makes for a more comfortable fit. Plus, the soft breathable fabric keeps you dry and comfortable on even long rides.


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