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Launching the SuperSox Dispenser, the first sock organiser in India

Socks have been a part of the global fashion culture since the 8th century. They’re an are essential to almost every individual with a wardrobe. Tastes and preferences for work wear socks have evolved over time. These days work socks are not merely functional but are stylish and colourful too. Organising your sock drawer each day and finding the right pair in time for work can be quite a task. Even the most organised people could find it hard to keep track of their socks. When one is running late for work, the last thing they want is not finding a matching pair of socks. A neat closet and a fully loaded shoe cabinet is quite a prerequisite to match the fashionable lifestyles we lead. This led Supersox to innovate and design a first of its kind socks dispenser in India. The Supersox dispenser is a light-weight, transparent box made of acrylic that can get screwed on to a wall, the side of a cupboard or even your shoe cabinet. The see-through dispenser is designed to hold 6 pairs of socks for each day of the week.


The Supersox dispenser comes with 6 pairs of work socks stacked inside it. Each pair is marked with a day of the week; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… through to Saturday. These 6 pairs are appropriately designed for work in three shades of gray, two shades of navy and black. They are made in combed cotton and are a comfortable regular calf length. The socks are stacked in the dispenser in such a way that you can you pull out one pair at a time and get going for the day. Once the socks are washed and dried all you have to do is neatly roll them up and put them back in the dispenser. The dispenser is well packaged in a cardboard box with instructions for use. This addition to your closet ensures that you’ll be able to keep track of the missing pairs of socks and have them put back in place. Getting dressed and whizzing out to work will be more pleasurable and you will actually look forward to it thanks to this super organised socks dispenser.


The Supersox dispenser is available online on popular marketplaces like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc at an amazing price of Rs.999. Currently an introductory offer on lets you buy this cool product for just Rs.799. Available on at Introducing the latest and tempting range of socks and sock dispensers. Give yourself a little treat with these multi-colour, inventive designs and these cute accessories. Pull up your socks and shop them now. SuperSox – a sock brand that gives you super powers – well, almost, since they fit perfectly, look stupendous and bring out the best in you!




At SuperSox, they continue to design and innovate new collections on a regular basis. They specially create several unique designs to cater to the diverse demand for socks for the entire family. Apart from several lines of premium quality combed cotton and woolen kinds, SuperSox offers their Indian consumer – the sophisticated and classy looking, mercerized cotton socks. Mercerized cotton is made with the finest cotton yarn of high staple that is put through a highly specialized process to produce stronger, smoother and shinier cotton. Another key factor of SuperSox is the seamless toe design. The seamless toe prevents socks from bulging and creasing at the toes. The seamless toe design lends extreme comfort and a smooth finish to socks.





Here are a few examples of the several exclusive SuperSox lines:


Royale Collection – the luxury line for men,

Funky Times – trendy new styles for men & women

Window socks in order to improve air circulations for women,

Health related products for diabetes and blood pressure patients and

New and unique colourful prints for children




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