Supersox launches ‘Diamante’ for men

April 20, 2016 written by
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SuperSox recently launched its luxury work wear line made with mercerized cotton called ‘Diamante’ for men. The collection is designed to look sophisticated and cool for men with good taste and an eye for quality.  They create several lines of socks of high quality made with mercerized cotton and creatively cool designs for their consumers worldwide. Consumers in countries like Italy only use socks made of mercerized cotton, while  Indian counterparts are unaware that they can get socks like these in India too. SuperSox feel that the Indian consumer is increasingly becoming quality conscious about each piece of their clothing and want to be seen wearing trendy socks, shoes and everything else.  The Diamante line has been carefully created keeping in mind the sophisticated look needed for work wear by men. The colours, motifs and the mercerized cotton fabric can be easily carried off by all men.

The Diamante line of socks is aimed at the confident, male office-goer who are about 20+ and know that each piece of their clothing affects the way they feel about themselves. Having an extra pair of these socks in the last drawer of their desks would definitely be of immense use during long work days spilling into evenings out.  The collection is designed to look sophisticated and cool with delicate geometric motif designs in 5 different colors in each of the 5 styles. The motifs include a crown, two diamonds, cool crossed swords, circles and even a whale motif pattern.

Another key factor in the design of the Diamante collection is the seamless toe. The seamless toe prevents socks from bulging and creasing at the toes. The seamless toe design makes these socks extremely comfortable and looking great.

“Classy, comfortable and luxurious”, describes this  collection. _MG_6576 copy copy

The 5 colours available in each of the 5 styles are Navy, Brown, Red, Olive and Black. For the Diamante line they’ve used mercerised cotton which is a far superior fabric to the regular cotton used in manufacturing socks. The finest cotton yarn of high staple is put through a specialised process to produce mercerised cotton which is stronger, glossier and smoother. The luxurious Diamante collection for men is priced Rs.210 a pair.

The Diamante socks collection and a host of SuperSox designs are available at the following e-commerce platforms : Amazon, Snapdeal,  and Flipkart.

The SuperSox customer is the quality conscious Indian consumer who are increasingly becoming very particular about each piece of their clothing and want to be seen wearing trendy socks, shoes and everything else.

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