The Month of Fall is Here

September 29, 2017 written by

A new month, and the start of Fall and as the rain recede all over the country, the fields are lush green and the horizon changes its colour from grey undertones to amber and marsian like hues.

The sky is full of expectations, now that major economic upheavals are behind us and there is a sense of heightened glory to the task at hand. India has waited for its moment in history having wasted too many opportunities for lack of preparation or not having the depth to go all the way or not having the wherewithal to subject itself to International scrutiny.

The present India, which comprises of 68% youth population is rearing to go ahead and prove itself in the international arena. They don’t want the baggage of the past and nor they want to be weighed down by the castiest  formulae of the fragmented polity that believes in breaking our populace in consideration on cast creed colour and what have you.

This issue of Lace-n-Lingerie we have several articles that will embolden you to put on your thinking cap. We have for the first time reviewed the use of underwires in Brassieres. Underwires have been quite a no-no with the women of our country, firstly for the lack of knowledge what an underwire actually does and secondly there are many myths and notions regarding underwires which we have exploded. It is for the trade in general right from the suppliers to the manufacturers to the distributors, retailers down to the sales person on the ground to be educated on the aspect of underwires, so a true debate can happen in this country on the need for underwires in our bras. Underwires have been a proven technology in the west for over 30 years now without any ill effect or medical discrepancy. It is only in a country like India such myths still prevail.

Secondly we have dwelled upon the controversial topic of “Do Designers have a place in our Manufacturing Scheme of things?”, we analysed, debated this issue with four young lingerie designers and the outcome is quite a riveting piece that will hold you till you read to the very end.

We haven’t considered lingerie design as a vital aspect of design in garments as yet and the haute coutre or pret a porter pay lip service just because it doesn’t bring them mega bucks? But I think this trend is going to change soon and you will see a class of designers ready to take the world by storm on the sheer mastery in Lingerie.

Besides this we have several goodies lined up for our regular readers, go dwell in it and let me have your feedback.







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