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 Do Know Which Shapers Help Which Body Parts

All shapewear is not created equal. Each type of garment serves specific functions, and most do not provide all-over slimming. The following table briefly outlines the major categories of body shapers and how they help with certain figure concerns.


Today’s shapewear are not only for those who wear a plus size; shapewear can simply smooth out the silhouette underneath clingy materials, which is helpful for women of all sizes. How does this fashion technology work? We turned to experts to uncover some of our probing shapewear questions.

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What Do Customers Expect in Shapewear?


All women want to look great during holiday seasons, with plenty of parties, social reunions and dinner get-togethers in which picture taking is so common. Searching for the best look and outfit is a priority for any woman of style who wants to look great and have a pleasant memory of such events. Now your undergarments are important as well, it not only helps contour your image but gives you support and brings your figure to balance no matter what you are wearing.


“There is a misconception that wearing shapewear will help in reducing weight/inches immediately. This is because of some misleading marketing campaigns. None the less shape wear is important. So immediate effect is that the appearance gets enhanced, while regular usage will help in permanently lose inches.” says, Ashish Agarwal Founder & CEO of Adorna.


While Vijay Patel of MD Omtex Heathwear Pvt. Ltd. adds “Consumers expect an instant slimming effect from shapewear, which is not possible. Though shapewear only helps you get in shape gradually.



Ms. Pratibha Bhatnagar  M.D. Da Intimo has a different viewpoint and she says “Shapewear is an easy way for women to get rid of bulges on the back and stomach where they gain fat deposit especially after a certain age. They expect shapewears to cut down on measurement of their waistline by 1-3 inches, reduce the effects of cellulite while providing bust and weight-loss support. And, they like to have a premium quality at a competitive price.”


According to Shruti Behal VP Product Design & Development Pretty Secret consumers want their shapewear to be light weight and should be able to camouflage body fat.” A fact seconded by Johnson Thomas National Sales Manager, Shappon.


Is Shapewear effective in actually slimming bodies?


What is the basic function of shapewear, if not to make us look slimmer, how effective they are and are they able to hide the flaws and bulges in our body. It should make us feel more confident about ourselves and let us experiment more with our clothes and our looks without bothering to look more obese or fat on our stomach, hips, thigh etc.


“Shape wear contours our body. It enables outer wear to look more flattering making you feel confident. Shape wear is effective in hiding excess fat, tends to flatten curves.” says, ShrutiBehal.  While a good quality shaping lingerie holds the loose skin and bulges tightly. As a result, your body shrinks immediately by 1-3 inches.


It lets you to focus on any part of the body you want to shape. If you need a control for your waist on tummy area, then corset is perfect and if you need to shape your hips then the hip reducer will do the magic. This means each piece of shapewear is made to address specific problem areas and most of the designs do not provide all-over slimming


Shapewear firmly holds the cellulite on our body hence the appearance of body shape improves. Moreover, if right size shapewear is used, it demotivates the user from over-eating, hence a major reason for obesity is checked by wearing a shapewear.


Lack of awareness is the main reason for slow growth of shapewear in India. Shapewear is basically a shaping garment and not a slimming garment. Its for all shapes and sizes of women. Its not just for fat females. “A women who is slim but not in proper shape can wear a shapewear to look her best.” avers Vijay Patel.


Does Wearing Shapewear Pose Any Dangers?


It’s been said that wearing shapewear comes with health risks if worn for too long. Various reports have pointed out that the constriction that happens when wearing shapewear can cause blood clots, acid reflux, and breathing problems. Some shapewear proponents will have to disagree and claim that if proper shapewear is worn the right way, there should be no health implications at all. Some doctors say wearing tight shapewear can cause medical problems. The garments are made to enhance and support but not to make you ‘look’ smaller because you’re trying to squeeze into something that doesn’t fit you.

“Wearing right size of shapewear doesn’t pose any danger. But we don’t recommend to wear it during sleep as it may interfere with your deep sleep. And pregnant ladies MUST NOT wear shapewear, and in case they really want to, it should be done only after consulting with a qualified doctor.” says, Ashish Agarwal.


“Seamless shapewears do not harm the body in any way. Its composition of high quality Nylon fibre and spandex makes it suitable for all kinds of bodies.” comments, Johnson Thomas. “More over shape wear stimulates circulation and provides support to muscles.” says, Shruti Behal


“Although, now most shapewears are made from superior quality breathable fabric, still they tend to compress your stomach and intestines. As a result, the digestion of the food is restricted leading to abdominal discomfort. Also, being tight, chances of moisture being trapped within it are high which may lead to skin infection. It is advisable to limit our use of shape wear to special occasions.” cautions Pratibha Bhatnagar.


Shapewear and corsets compress the body, sculpting it into a particular shape.

Although shapewear seems like something every woman should have in her drawer, it is important to know that using shapewear often can have severe ramifications on your health.

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Where does all of the fat go? Which innovative fabrics further promote weight loss?


Those who wear shapewear and even those who don’t have all wondered this at one point or another. We’ve established that shapewear works—it slims, smoothens out lines and what-not, and even supports. But wait a minute, where does all of the fat go? Fat can move into spaces where muscle is compressed, such as the abs. It can also be moved directionally, towards more desirable places.


“The fat is compressed but it remains on the body. Even though the fat retains, the body looks in shape.” comments, Johnson Thomas.

To this Shruti adds “Fat doesn’t disappear, just moves into spaces where muscles are compressed such as abdomen. Shape wear is engineered to camouflage excess weight to enable you to look slim.”


“The cellulite is initially held firmly thereby giving better shape temporarily says, Ashish Agarwal.


What are the problem areas most women complain about? Which pieces from your collection can best tackle those areas.


“Women usually complain about bulges on their stomach. We recommend a waist cincher which fits like a waist belt and hides your stomach bulge. In other words, you can wear a fitted body-con dress or a fitted dressy top using a waist cincher or tummy tucker.” says, ShrutiBehal.


“Da Intimo’s panty type shaper is amongst the top selling body boosting garment of our lingerie collection. It sits perfectly on the body to target multiple areas at the same time. The high waist slims the middle torso while taking inches off your hip and thighs simultaneously. It comes in impressive range of sizes uplifting women of all shapes to make them look fabulous in their favourite dress.” says,  Pratibha Bhatnagar.


“Indian women have their tummy and hips as the main problem areas. We have 4-5 different products pertaining to tackle these problem areas. Like Lilac, Fern, Orchid, Jade, Glow, Spark, etc.” says, Vijay Patel.


“The biggest problem area is tummy, and most of our products caters to it. Like Tummy Tucker takes care of entire abdomen, while Tummy Tucker Panty/Shorts takes care of lower abdomen. High Waist Shaper and Body Slimmer provides extra compression on Tummy from front while Body Bracer, Low Waist Panty etc. provides mild compression. Adorna has products focussed on most of the body parts as we believe that each user is unique and so is her expectation from her shapewear.” says, Ashish Agarwal.


“Rolling of the shapewear- Have added extra loops so extra straps can be used, avoiding rolling. If you feel uncomfortable at joints our shapewear provides no seam, no uncomfortableness. Bad odour during long usage hours: Our shapewears come with sanitized hygiene function which prevents bad odour and also prevents any other bacterial growth on the product. Long party hours are a headache for shapewear users. Not in Shappon. We have a specialised crotch less style of shapewear.” comments, Johnson Thomas.


What piece from your collection would you recommend for someone who has just had a baby?


“If she just wants to reduce the extra bulge, wearing Adorna Low Waist Panty while working out would be essential. For feeding mothers, heavy/sagging busts poses big problem. Wearing Adorna Camisole reduces the sagging problem, and also the back support system reduces the back pain problems. For a price conscious customer, Adorna Bust-Up would be helpful. It is advised to consult your doctor before using a shapewear immediately after pregnancy.” says, Ashish Agarwal.


“Hip & thigh cover and tummy tucker are recommended post 40-45 days after delivery. After delivery, your muscles loosen up around your stomach hence a shaper is recommended to help it compress/ tone your body.” says, Shruti Behal.


“Post delivery one must always start wearing a shapewear after consulting a doctor. From our collection Lilac and Pearl are best suited for them”, says, Vijay Patel.


“New moms often feel flabby and they are likely to take more time to get rid of the baby weight. Also, their skin is super sensitive post pregnancy. Da Intimio’s 100% cotton shapewears for abdomen and waist belt can perform wonders in providing firm support to make women feel more confident in their skin.” says,  Pratibha Bhatnagar.


“I would recommend our shapewear product called ‘Beltz’. This sanitized treated shapewear will fit in all kinds of attire with beautiful look. Ultra-comfortable, 4 way stretch micro fibre. Feather light, breathable, anti-bacterial fabric. The sanitized hygiene function ensures a freshness feel & comfort. Neatly packs your excess fats to give you an elegant look. You will feel confident and will deserve another look when you use this shapewear.” comments, Johnson Thomas.


International brands have a proper sizing system depending on the restriction a consumer wants. There are different levels. It can be ultra or light slimming, could you describe the sizing each of your shapewear garments provide and their functionality.


“We are in the process of designing/manufacturing swimwear for our next season. There will be 3 basic shape wear: Waist Cincher- to be used when wearing a fitted dressy top/dress. Tummy Tucker- body-con dress/ fitted pants/ pencil skirt. Hip & Thigh cover- fitted long dress/ pencil skirt” says, ShrutiBehal.


“Da Intimo’sentire collection is designed to flatter women’s body with minimum fuss. The first one is the low control shapewear which gives a smoothening effect in all the right places.  This is followed by medium control shapewear which camouflages all the lumps and bumps along with reducing your measurement by at least an inch. None of these shapewears are restrictive and suffocate your organs, therefore making them wearable for around 8 hours Lastly, comes the ultra-control shapewear made of high compression soft fabric with firmer fit. Irrespective of the weather, it is a breathable fit providing super – smooth silhouette. We still recommend it should be worn occasionally as it has a slightly tighter control. ” says,  Pratibha Bhatnagar.


“Adorna Shapewear has a range of products including those with compression levels. For instance, Adorna Body Bracer is a body suit with mild compression, whereas Adorna Body Slimmer is a similar product with extra compression on the front and sides.  So, we advise our customers to choose a product as per their need. We have widest range of shapewear for different body parts and compression levels.” says, Ashish Agarwal.

“Yes, we also have sizing and different fabrics for different functionality, and also as per Indian climatic conditions and wants. Our products are available in different sizes. Redefine your body shape with Swee Tummy, Waist, Thigh and Full Body Shapers Swee give you extra firm control and corrects your posture Micro massage can give slimming effects in 3-6 weeks strengthens abdomen muscles and reduces bulge Fit into any outfit that you want. Medical Applications of Swee shapewear- Useful for Post-surgical recovery. Prevents Deep Vein Thrombosis (D.V.T)Useful for women post delivery. Useful for effective recovery in post Liposuction, provides relief from joint pain,effectively reduces cellulite.” comments, Vijay Patel.

Are there any shapewear garments that can be used during work out sessions? Could you brief us more about it?

Body shapers give the illusion of a smaller figure, flattening the stomach and bringing in the waist line, and it’s only natural to want those changes to be permanent. Since body shapers make it more difficult to breathe, it might seem like you would burn more calories during exercise due to the increased stress on your body. But in reality, wearing a body shaper during a workout can do more harm than good. International renowned celebrities have made it a trend and are known and seen to be wearing shapewear during workouts at the gym do gain that perfect hourglass shape.


“Adorna high waist shaper is one of our best selling product and users have told us they really enjoyed their yoga sessions after wearing it. For gymming, we advise Adorna Slimmer Body Suit as it has best compression level and in built belts (instead of straps) makes it comfortable to wear in extensive work out sessions.” says, Ashish Agarwal.


“All our products are seamless and can be used during workout sessions.” comments, Johnson Thomas.


Vijay Patel, believes, “All shapewear garments can be used during workout sessions as it gives firm grip to your muscles and helps in preventing injuries at that particular area.”


“Spanx has introduced shape wear for work-out sessions. They have introduced tanks and leggings.” says, ShrutiBehal.


“The fitness -focused thermal shapewears are designed to help men and women achieve their weight loss goals. These garments work like sauna. The more you sweat, the more you lose. Da Intimo is soon launching its new range of hi-tech fitness clothes which will be body hugging. As a result, you will perspire and burn more calories during workouts. This will eventually help you melt those extra pounds faster.” says,  Pratibha Bhatnagar.

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What technological advancement in garment design, fashion that emphasises body shape has been taken place in recent years?

“Slimming shapewear popularity has increased considerably in the recent years. This is primarily due to thecomfort and the natural-looking shape provided by the 100% breathable cotton from which it is made. Also, the wide line of products right from full body shapers to firm waist cinchers and thigh slimmer’ssupport whichever part of the body needs to be supported. Lastly, the innovative designs made from light weight fabrics, having light to medium control helps to shape the body naturally along the bodies real curves giving a perfect figure.” says, PratibhaBhatnagar..

“Shapewear in itself is an advancement in garment design wherein a lingerie is helping a lady to look even better. But the best is yet to come as I believe shapewear will become the only lingerie a lady would need in her closet.” says, Ashish Agarwal.


Various reports have pointed out that continuous wearing of shape wear can cause blood clots, acid reflux and breathing problems. Which shape wear can help to achieve an hour glass look without pain?

“Wearing right size & type of shapewear, which lets you breathe and work comfortably should be fine. Adorna Shapewear are made only of cloth and no extra metal boning is provided. The fabric also adjusts itself such that the user doesn’t feel suffocated, while providing apt compression to her body.” says, Ashish Agarwal.


“Shappon shapewears are made using seamless technology and are treated with Sanitized hygiene function, hence no above problems are caused. Even though one has to be careful while selecting the product &size according to their body type.” comments, Johnson Thomas.

“All shape wear can help you achieve an hour glass look without any pain. The idea behind wearing shape wear is to look slim & not be in pain.” says, ShrutiBehal


“The shapewear industry has come a long way in uplifting women of all shapes and sizes. They have brought in so many styles that let you manage many problem areas at once to make you look fabulous in your favourite dress. You must assess your body type, have a shapewear with firmer support in the correct size to make you trimmer than your usual size. While we do all of this, it is important to remember that a shapewear is not a substitute for the health benefits and toned body that we would get from good diet and regular exercise.” says,  Pratibha Bhatnagar.


How are underwear garments designed to work on different areas or whole body wrap targeting all areas? (Concept)


“Since shapewear is usually an underwear and touches the skin directly, it must be made up of skin friendly and anti-allergic fabric. Which is why Adorna shapewear are made of cotton based fabric which is very much skin-friendly. To give proper shape at the desired areas, each shapewear design is engineered to provide apt compression at that body part. Also, the compression levels also gets defined by the fabric and stitch in that design. “says, Ashish Agarwal.


“By giving extra compression at the required places (abdomen and thighs) and medium compression at lower back (buttocks)” comments, Johnson Thomas.


“Waist Cincher- hides fat around waist, Tummy tucker- hides fat around waist & hip, Hip & thigh cover- hides fat around hip, thigh and waist.” says, Shruti Behal


Do Shapewear garments lose out on its shape due to repeated wearability or washing. How long will a shapewear last once the consumer uses it on regular basis?


If you properly wash and care for your shapewear you can make it last a lot longer, which means you get a lot more use for your money. Some shapewear garments can be a costly investment and the last thing you want to do is to ruin the garment when you wash it. The most important thing to remember when it comes to washing shapewear is to make sure to read the care instructions from the manufacturer as some items will vary slightly in how to properly wash them. Some women buy shapewear and then never wash the item because they are scared that they will ruin it, but the exact opposite is true. If you don’t gently wash your garment on a regular basis the shapewear is not going to do it’s job like it should.


“If you wash and hang it, it will lose its shape. Hence we advise to dry shapewear on flat surface. Also, ironing a wet shapewear may also hinder its shape. So some care must be taken while using it. We’ve seen that if used regularly, Adorna shapewear lasts for around 3-4 months. But that’s because the user loses inches and would need a smaller size now!” says, Ashish Agarwal.

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Any type of latex shapewear such as a waist trainer, needs to be washed by hand as it will get ruined in a washing machine. Latex can be damaged quite easily and you need to take special extra care when washing these types of garments.


“Shappon shape wears are made of high quality nylon fibre & spandex, so they don’t lose shape compared to other cotton based shapewears. Shappon shapewear has a life of minimum 2 years when used on a regular basis.” comments, Johnson Thomas.


Never wash your shapewear in hot water when using the washing machine. If you are washing by hand you can use warm or cool water but never hot water.


You also should never use chlorine bleach on shapewear garments as well. The chlorine will actually destroy the Spandex or elastic material making your shapewear pretty useless.


“Yes, shape wear can loose shape & form after a period of time, the elastic can loosen after repeated washes. For hygiene reasons, one should change shapewear after 6-9 months if one is wearing it on a daily basis. If worn only occasionally, good shape wear can last over a year or two.” says, ShrutiBehal


Pratibha Bhatnagar.says, “Like every garment, shapewear also has washing instructions on it to maintain its quality. Laundry could be hard on fabric and therefore it is recommended to have more number of pieces which should be hand washed, worn alternatively and line dried to retain its shape for a longer duration.”


“Usually our fabrics last for long as its of very high quality. Ideally it will last for around a year depending on the maintenance and wearability.” says, Vijay Patel.


Once you have washed your shapewear you should lie flat to air dry or you can hang on a line with clothespins to air dry as well. The heat from a dryer can ruin the material as well as the tumbling around in the dryer can also damage the material.


If you happen to have to dry your shapewear using a dryer then you should also use the cool setting as well as the delicate cycle. This is really not recommended but you can do this if you are in a pinch. With proper care of your shapewear, you can get more use out of your garments and really get the most bang for your buck. Keep your shapewear looking nice and take good care of it and it will do it’s job for you.

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