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January 29, 2018 written by

With Gujrat as a back drop and an acrimonious election campaign coming to an end, the people also want to see an end to this prolonged campaign and let the best man win so we can carry on with the business as usual. There have been too many frequent assembly elections month after month every year since 2014. This breaks the rhythm of the business cycle in a democratic set up and brings unnecessary money power in play, the money gets splurged in the constituents where the elections are held and gets sucked out where the elections aren’t there. It is a known fact that politicians turn to businessmen and large corporates for their funding and since the funding in India isn’t corporatized so largely it is through the grey channel which gives rise to illegitimate and ill gotten money that gets funnelled through the political bandwagon and finds itself parked in the real estate, film business and other business which have large need for cash transactions.

An end to this must be sought by all political and business and corporate heads on how to end this penance of election funding. A end to the quid pro quo should be sought if India has to come up in the polity of nations where fair play and business enterprise are awarded principles and not some back room machinations and manipulations to run businesses. Coming to December issue we have the continuing story of EBO’s evolution in India with the story of Vstar brand who in a short period of five years have evolved largely in the EBO space with their brand offering.

Also we continue our Seduction story on Aubade which is quite essential from the brand point of view to take this route to the consumer’s heart which though is fraught with many risks in a country like India, but which also pays rich dividend if the content and execution is really top class and not crass. Several Condom companies have done do date and I guess the innerwear companies should also raise the bar with taking this route and trying out different concepts which will push the envelope. Because we Indians do understand the language of Seduction quite well whether it is subtle or quite overt, after all wasn’t Kama sutra from our milieu.

The flash back 2017 will make you nostalgic and you will remember certain events and happening as if they unfolded in front of you just yesterday.

Now as the yuletide turns for some good happenings we must all welcome 2018 with open arms and introspect deeply at what 2017 has left us with. A lot to ponder and a lot to remember. Also a remembrance for the departed amongst us whom we have lost. But the life must go on and with that I will see you on the other side in 2018. Bye! And Happy Tidings!!

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