This summer, feel dry, feel cool, feel delicious, feel you

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Beat the Heat with Wireless Bras !

Summer months mean glamorous holidays or sunbathing on the beach…and a whole new wardrobe of summer clothes! Whether it’s a strapless maxi dress in a tropical print, a cotton shirt with a bright colour-popping blazer, or a midi-length floral shift, it has to be fresh and new.

When it’s warm outside and you want to feel the glow and feel gorgeous, you don’t want your underwear to put a spanner in the works. Finding the perfect bra that you can wear under a plethora of pretty summer dresses, work wear, or even cruise wear, is an essential part of your summer shopping. And here’s where Candyskin offerings work wonders.

Candyskin is a premium lingerie brand made for women, by women. This summer, the brand launches its new collection that is weather-friendly. Boob sweat can be the worst; it hardly matters whether you are itty bitty or full and curvaceous, it happens to everyone, especially during summers. Lingerie with specialised fabrics that are sweat absorbent or cooling should be chosen during this hot weather.

This summer, feel dry, feel cool, feel delicious, feel you - 1

Candyskin does special edition lingerie, especially for the season of heat. This special line of bra is called ‘BEAT THE HEAT’ and consists of padded, non-wired bras that provide the perfect coverage a woman needs. It is super comfortable and has a soft and smooth feel to it. The cups are lined with soft coolmax mesh fabric, which helps the skin to breathe. Also, coolmax treated fabric helps to keep the body temperature down, subsequently making a woman feel cool and not hot and sweaty inside her bra. This special bra is simply mind-blowing and something every woman needs to own.

The bra will be available in 12 shades.

Price Range – INR 899-999.

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