Transforming lives of females in a third world country by donating unwanted bras

June 13, 2019 written by

A simple item such as bra can actually transform a woman’s life; and in a third world country where such basic necessities are scarce, a new initiative by Rose Lingerie will actually provide significant help to all the women out there.

UK-based underwear specialist, Janice Holmes of Balderton, Founder of Janice Rose lingerie has partnered with Newark based charity, New Life Children’s Centers The Gambia and lingerie manufacturer Naturana to collect unwanted bras and donate it to women in a west-African community.

New Life Gambia was created to provide education and a future to children living there. The charity has two schools, a first aid room and a registered local nurse.

According to Sylvia Morgan, Sponsorship Director at New Life Gambia, the families of children studying in the school are living in extreme poverty and they can’t afford even a decent underwear for women and older girls.

“They will be thrilled to not only receive a new bra but one that actually fits them, which is being made possible through Janice’s generosity”, adds Morgan.

Janice and her team of volunteers will be visiting Gambia in November to distribute innerwear. Also, there will be educational talks as well as measuring, fitting and supplying the women with the right size bras.

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